Earl Hebner made history as part of the Montreal Screwjob, and so many other things. Now, in his later years, he can look back at all he did, and what he survived as well.

Earl Hebner, a seasoned referee in the world of professional wrestling, has a lengthy and storied career spanning several decades. Known for his distinctive “hands in the air” signal for a three-count, Hebner became a familiar face to wrestling fans during his tenure in various promotions, including WWE.

While speaking to Steve Fall, Earl Hebner stated that he suffered a brain aneurysm right before WrestleMania 14 in Boston. This was quite a tale to tell, but thankfully, he made it through.

“Back in 98, I was in Boston, Massachusetts. I had a brain aneurysm during the day before WrestleMania. And that night I was drinking beer with The Undertaker and I had a big pain in my head. And I said something ain’t right. It ended up that I was having a brain aneurysm and he took me to the New England Medical Center and those people saved my life. So I owe Boston everything. I never made WrestleMania that year. But when we went back down the road, I went there and I must have taken 50 people in the ICU ward to the show. [They] helped me to stay with me and took good care of me so I could make it.”


Earl Hebner’s time with WWE came to an end in 2005 under controversial circumstances. The pivotal moment that led to his termination occurred during the “Montreal Screwjob” at the 1997 Survivor Series. Hebner was the referee in the infamous match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, where Vince McMahon orchestrated a behind-the-scenes plan to alter the match’s outcome without Hart’s knowledge. This incident, which involved Hebner playing a role in fast-counting Hart to facilitate Michaels’ victory, led to strained relations and ultimately resulted in Hebner’s departure from WWE.

Despite the contentious ending to his WWE tenure, Earl Hebner continued to contribute to the world of professional wrestling. He later found opportunities in other promotions, showcasing the resilience and longevity characteristic of individuals in the wrestling industry.

We will have to see what Earl Hebner says next. It appears that he is speaking out a lot more as he gets his name back out there. Only time will tell if he referees another match, but he certainly raked up a ton of memories.

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