WWE superstar Charlotte Flair is facing a long recovery following her recent injury. During the recent Tribute to the Troops edition of SmackDown, Charlotte competed against Asuka. What was supposed to be a standard match turned fatal for her as Flair fell off the top rope and sustained several injuries. After tearing her MCL, ACL, and meniscus, Flair has now been replaced by Randy Orton on the SmackDown banner.

Randy Orton recently returned to WWE and became part of the SmackDown roster. The switch came because Flair is expected to be out of action for nine months due to the major injuries. What is interesting is that Flair reportedly received one of the biggest contracts in WWE history, the likes of which have only been given to a few female talents.

Orton returned to WWE after 18 months of absence. After making his first appearance at the WWE Survivor Series PPV, he currently has his eyes set on the Bloodline.

On a similar note, CM Punk also replaced another WWE superstar upon his return. After being signed on the RAW roster, he replaced Jey Uso on the Raw banner, which is currently on display on the official WWE website.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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