WWE has faced more than a few legal battles over the years. They recently rid themselves of an antitrust lawsuit with MLW, but that might have cost them as well.

The legal action brought against WWE encompassed multiple allegations, initiating with claims of WWE violating the Sherman Antitrust Act within the U.S. pro wrestling content market. Furthermore, the suit accused WWE of attempting to impede competition, specifically in relation to MLW’s efforts to secure media distribution deals.

Additionally, the legal document asserted that WWE was actively engaging in the recruitment of contracted talent away from MLW.

MLW is now exploring avenues such as signing new talent, expanding their event portfolio, and providing additional incentives to their existing talent pool. The report suggested that WWE reached a settlement, indicating a substantial sum, prompting MLW to make significant upgrades within its operations.


During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE must have given MLW a bit of money as part of that settlement, because the company is spending it. They have inked a deal with Sami Callihan, and more shows are on the way.

“Evidently, they got some money [from the lawsuit] because they’re greatly expanding their schedule, and they said that they’re going to be in the market for expanding their talent base. And they announced Sami Callihan, not that that’s a game-changer or anything, but he’s a guy. Most of the top guys are under deals. And they obviously have more money to work with than they had before, so they got something out of the thing. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the number. Like I said, if it’s a giant number, we have to know it, because TKO is a public company, and they would have to if it’s any kind of a significant number, they would have to release the number.”

The terms of that MLW lawsuit against WWE were not disclosed, but it was stated that a settlement took place. When TKO Group Holdings announces their next quarter financial report, that should give us a better idea of how much money the company had to initially fork over.

MLW will keep doing their thing, and now they are going to spend that influx of money they received. Hopefully, they use it wisely, because that company has been quietly making noise for a while now.

What’s your take on MLW coming out on top of that WWE lawsuit? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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