AEW is doing what they can to make a mark in the pro wrestling world, but live event ticket sales haven’t been stellar. One recent remark that Tony Khan made really brought Eric Bischoff out of his shell to comment in a big way.

Tony Khan made a comment about how AEW ticket sales are doing better than WCW did back in the day. That caught a lot of attention, especially from those who were around WCW.

During his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke out about Tony Khan’s recent claim. He questioned if Tony Khan was high when he made that remark.

I’ve never heard so much meaningless bullsh*t in all my life. This is not a press conference. This is ‘let me get up there and talk about how great I am and how great this company is and try to blow smoke up everybody’s ass.’ The hardcore X and Twitter fan base is gonna suck it up, and they’re gonna be repeating it word for word. The problem is that there is nothing but air in all of those comments. It’s nonsense.”


“Trying to compare AEW ticket sales to WCW in 1996, are you fricken high?! Every week we do this show, we’re covering WCW, we’re talking 18,000, 19,000, 17,000, 40,000 people for a TV show.”

“AEW is scaling down 10,000 seat arenas for 5,000 people, and they’re praying that they get the walkups, otherwise they’re not gonna sell out? How can you make those statements and expect anybody to think you have any credibility whatsoever?!

We will have to see how AEW goes after this. They have certainly drummed up a lot of controversy, and that includes ticket sales. This subject is one that isn’t likely to die down, because the health of a pro wrestling company is greatly determined by how many fans they can pull into a venue.

AEW may have to start running smaller venues, because they aren’t filling them up at this point. WWE has also stopped restricting AEW events from running the same buildings that they are. That hasn’t helped AEW move any more tickets, either.

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