The pro wrestling world is full of controversy, and Disco Inferno, although he made his money in pro wrestling as a comedy character, is very good at getting under people’s skin. He found himself trending for the wrong reason yet again, and a former coworker had to speak out.

Tony Khan recently went off on Disco Inferno, and the pro wrestling community joined in. Khan called Disco an irrelevant parasite.” Not everyone was on Khan’s side, as Crowbar spoke out.

Crowbar, who shared a locker room with Disco Inferno in WCW, dropped a long video to spread a message about Disco Inferno. He said that they were never friends per say, but it is undeniable how Disco Inferno’s gimmick worked during his WCW run.

“The Disco Inferno sucked. The Disco Inferno was never good. In my opinion, those comments from the internet insiders, what have you, couldn’t be futher from the truth. Disco Inferno had a role to play in WCW. He was given a role in our live action drama cartoon, whatever you wanna call it. He was not meant to be World Champion, he was not meant to be United States Champion. He was not meant to be a top guy, but he had a role. He had a role and he played it well. Disco Inferno made the people laugh, Disco Inferno made the live crowd do that dance when he came out.”


Crowbar said that fans can watch the footage back when Disco Inferno came out, because fans were dancing. He also said that he was sure that fans were dancing at home as well. Crowbar continued giving Disco Inferno flowers, because he could have gone on doing it for years and years if WCW didn’t close.

Crowbar said that Disco Inferno never had five-star matches, but he always had respectable matches, and “he played that role, whatever his role was, exceptionally well.”

We will have to see if more people jump to Disco Inferno’s defense like this. Crowbar certainly had some things to say, and he is hoping that fans listen.

What’s your take on Crowbar’s kind words about Disco Inferno? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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