Tony Khan has gained a lot of attention for his passion and dedication to professional wrestling. He has established himself as an authentic fan and enthusiast of the sport, and this genuine love for wrestling has connected with fans. He currently owns ROH and decided to introduce a brand new title during the latest ROH TV tapings.

The AEW President bought Ring of Honor back in 2022 and fans wondered what that would mean for the promotion. In the year since then, Khan has produced a few pay-per-views under the ROH brand and started a weekly television series earlier this year.

Tony Khan recently boasted about his commitment to ROH talent in contrast to what WWE did with WCW talent back in the day. He is also determined to keep things fresh in ROH as well.

During the latest set of ROH TV tapings which took place after AEW Collison this week, Tony Khan came out and introduced the ROH Women’s TV Title to the world, which was a huge announcement for fans.


For the time being, it isn’t known how the inaugural champion will be crowned. With Athena being the ROH Women’s World Champion, an ROH Women’s TV title will definitely help other female talent in ROH fight for something, so it remains to be seen who will end up becoming the inaugural ROH Women’s TV Champion.

What’s your view on Tony Khan introducing the ROH Women’s TV title? Do you feel this was necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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