Tony Khan has become a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling due to his passion and love for the industry. Khan currently owns ROH and now he stated that he actually retained many original people, unlike WWE who just sacked most of the WCW people.

Tony Khan purchased ROH last year – making it clear he wouldn’t let the company die. Over the past year, Khan has demonstrated his commitment to revitalizing ROH by organizing several pay-per-view events under the ROH banner.

While speaking during the post-ROH Final Battle Media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan talked about him acquiring Ring of Honor last year and how the atmosphere was the first day.

Tony Khan noted that it was the first time since WCW was acquired by WWE that a boss suddenly came in and took over – leading to uncertainty. Khan then bragged that unlike WWE laying off many WCW talent after their acquisition, Khan actually retained ROH talent.


It was probably since the last Nitro, like, the weirdest vibes in terms of a new boss coming in to take over a company and nobody knowing what to expect. I’d like to think for the majority of the people, it’s been really good. I’ve retained a lot of the original ROH people, a lot of the people when I came in, they didn’t know if they were still going to have a job. I’ve tried to keep as many people in their jobs as possible and make them better jobs and more sustainable and stable jobs, but also hired more people. So when I came in, a lot of people were able to stay and keep their jobs, which was not something that happened during the WCW handover to WWE.

That said, there are many ROH talent who are frustrated with how Tony Khan has been running the promotion. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what classic events Khan will end up bringing back for fans.

What’s your opinion on what Tony Khan had to say? Do you feel ROH is getting better under Tony Khan’s leadership? Let us know in the comments section below!

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