The CW is snagging NXT for their next television rights deal. That will be a big get for the stations, as WWE’s third brand moves over to their channel. There is a reason behind this.

As previously reported, WWE is in the middle of television rights talks, and that is no secret. The destination of WWE RAW is a big point of discussion, because it could land with Warner Brothers Discovery.

During the Rumor and Innuendo podcast, Nick Hausman explained why The CW got into pro wrestling. They are gearing their content more toward action, and that will be a good fit for NXT.

I’ve heard that CW wants to re-define itself into a live action network.”


The CW also has the rights to have other pro wrestling content on their channel. That is why the NWA deal is apparently not dead.

Billy Corgan once thought that the NWA was going to snag a deal with The CW. At the time, he proclaimed so with cryptic positive statements to the press. There was some controversy over the NWA running cocaine angle, but Corgan dismissed those issues. Then, WWE announced that they are moving NXT to The CW. That left the Smashing Pumpkins singer shell-shocked by the news.

Only time will tell how that works out if they are both WWE NXT and the NWA are on the same lineup. The CW does not have an exclusive deal with WWE NXT, so they could still program their lineup to feature both pro wrestling programs.

We will have to see how The CW handles NXT. It will give WWE fans an extra channel that they will need to keep on their lineup, but it could be a good deal all around for Shawn Michaels’ brand.

We will keep our eye on this story, and so many more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will break next, because WWE is still in the middle of RAW’s television rights deal talks.

What’s your take on WWE moving NXT to The CW? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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