CM Punk’s return at the 2023 edition of Survivor Series shocked a lot of people. Drew McIntyre was also apparently not happy about it, because he left the WarGames match before Punk’s big return could even happen. Now, he’s speaking his mind on the matter.

Drew McIntyre is still one of the top faces on WWE RAW, and as a heel, he could step up to CM Punk. It appears that he is not opposed to the idea, because he is just about the numbers.

While speaking on WWE The Bump, Drew McIntyre came clean about how he feels about CM Punk’s return to WWE. He just wants to make money, and CM Punk is a huge name that can bring in dollars.

“I obviously recognize he’s big for business, he’s a huge name. He draws a lot of eyeballs, that’s very clear when you just look at the numbers. I’m a bigger picture person. I tend to use that criminology degree and look at, beyond all reasonable doubt, look at the evidence, and I’m not going to go into great details right now because now is not the time, but what I said on Raw is there are so few people on the current roster that have been on the same roster as him for years and years. I signed when I was 22, I was actually 21 when I signed, but I was on television when I was 22 in 2007. I spent years. I was around the person, I know the person. I know what he’s truly like. I’m aware. It’s cool. It does numbers. That’s awesome for right now.


I’m going to wait and see right now because I can’t control who gets signed and who doesn’t. I have stories, I’m going to keep them to myself, and in the future, if we cross paths, I ain’t the same guy I was in 2010. I’m a lot bigger, smarter, more experienced and I’ll drop his ass.” 

We will have to see what 2024 looks like for Drew McIntyre. His WWE contract is up, but he will be with WWE through WrestleMania 40, since they froze his deal due to an injury hiatus.

CM Punk will be in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match as well. Only time will tell if he meets Drew McIntyre in that match.

Drew McIntyre is obviously not afraid to take on any challenger he needs to in order to prove himself, either. He has a big World Heavyweight Title match slated for the January 1st edition of WWE RAW as well.

What’s your take on Drew McIntyre’s next steps in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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