Chris Jericho turned a lot of heads a couple of years ago when he announced he was joining All Elite Wrestling. Since then, he has not looked back. He played a pivotal role in the promotion’s early success and was their first-ever AEW World Champion.

Over the years, he has continued to prove why he is the best in the world as he has continued to have amazing matches with some of the younger talent on the show. AEW has a massive roster and there are still many wrestlers whom Jericho is yet to face. However, there are a couple of people he does not want to face.

During an interview with Dallas Morning News, Jericho was asked about potential opponents he would like to get in the ring with. The former AEW World Champion stated that there is no rush to get those matches but he also said that he does not want to face Adam Copeland and Christian Cage since he has already had so many matches with them in the past.

“There’s no timeline on what I’m doing. So there’s really, probably no rush. I have a different opinion. I’ve wrestled Adam Copeland so many times and Christian so many times that I would rather not wrestle against those guys. I mean, obviously, we could and have a great match. But I really enjoy working with kind of everybody that I haven’t worked with before.”


Chris Jericho also named a couple of AEW stars that he would love to face in the future.

“I think Swerve Strickland is amazing. I think Mark Briscoe is amazing, just off the top of my head of guys I’ve never stepped in the ring with. Both of those guys would be a lot of fun to have matches with, you know. So I think right now, that’s kind of a cool place to be looking at.”

He continued:

“But we’ve got a lot of stuff going on with the Golden Jets with Big Bill and Ricky Starks, and Will Hobbs and Takeshita. … And I’d love to have a match with FTR. That’d be great. I’ve never done a tag team match against them before. I think Jets versus FTR would be amazing. So there’s kind of a lot of matches in the chamber that you could have with Kenny and I before we decide to go to the next step.”

Jericho is currently involved in a tag team with Kenny Omega called The Golden Jets and they are set to take on Ricky Starks and Big Bill for the tag titles at AEW World’s End.

What do you make of Chris Jericho’s comments? Do you want to see him face Adam Copeland or Christian Cage? Sound off in the comments section.

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