CM Punk had some heat with WWE over the years he was away. Triple H brought Punk back, and that was a big shock for talent and fans alike, especially Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins has called CM Punk “cancer” in the past. That is no secret, and now they are set to collide on WWE television. WWE also tested CM Punk a bit with Seth Rollins during his Survivor Series return.

During a recent Q&A behind Fightful’s paywall, Sean Sapp was asked if WWE knew that Seth Rollins was going to speak his mind like he did. This was known, and they are going to carry on with their creative plans at this time.

“They knew that he was going to transparent, somewhat work, somewhat shoot in the media. That only adds to the intrigue of a match between the two.


It was also noted that WWE wasn’t too honest about bringing in CM Punk, because talent were told that he wasn’t coming back. Then, WWE worked out a deal. AEW had a clean slate with CM Punk, but there is some heat already and history with Punk in the WWE locker room. That being said, things seem to be going just fine right now.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins also had nothing to do with each other when the Second City Savior stopped by RAW in Chicago in April. It seems that the company is well aware of how Seth Rollins feels about CM Punk, and they are going to turn it into some business.

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