In a recent update on The Undertaker’s “Six Feet Under” YouTube channel, the WWE Hall of Famer dropped some knowledge and gave us a peek into his tag team Mt. Rushmore. So, who made the cut? Let’s break it down!

Coming in hot at number four, we’ve got none other than Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, the dynamic duo known for their epic run as part of the legendary Four Horsemen. The Undertaker’s got mad respect for these guys, hailing them as the pinnacle of heel tag teams.

“I’m gonna start out my Mount Rushmore of tag teams with two of the most important members of the Four Horsemen, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. I think they are the epitome of heel tag teams. They were just, I mean, they worked in unison together. My goodness. They had it all. They had the promos. They had the in-ring work. They were vicious when they had to be. They were chicken shit when they needed to be. Whatever it took to hang on to the belts man, that’s what those guys did. They were the classic heel tag team. I mean, that’s tag team wrestling 101.”

Now, sliding into the third spot, we’ve got the Midnight Express, managed by the one and only Jim Cornette. The Undertaker couldn’t overlook this fantastic heel squad, consisting of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane. With Cornette in their corner, you knew some shenanigans were on the horizon.


“Coming in at number three, I’m gonna go with the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette as their manager. Again, another just amazing heel squad. You can’t have a good babyface without great heels and Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane were phenomenal, and then you throw Jim Cornette in there, that guy you knew at some point was going to get involved and turn the tide somehow in favor of his team. He always had the tennis racket. I put Jim Cornette on my Mount Rushmore of managers, so I guess his team made it too. The Midnight Express. Just classic tag team wrestling.”

Taking the silver medal on The Undertaker’s list are the Rock and Roll Express. The battles between these guys and the Midnight Express were the stuff of legend. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were the ultimate babyfaces, with Morton’s selling skills being second to none.

“I don’t think you have the Midnight Express without my number two, the Rock and Roll Express. I mean, the feuds that these guys had were just, I mean, they went on for years and they were always so entertaining. The heat was palpable that you could feel it between the Rock and Roll and the Midnight Express. I mean Ricky Morton, and Robert Gibson, man, was there a better selling babyface than Ricky Morton? I tell you what, it was just fun to watch those guys sell and get that hot tag and just absolutely blow the roof off of a building, and they put a lot of asses in seats. Those two teams together, I mean, they were magic together.”

And now, drumroll, please! Sitting right at the top of The Undertaker’s tag team Mt. Rushmore, we have none other than the Legion of Doom, the Road Warriors. The mere mention of their name would sell out arenas, and their entrance pop was like no other.

“My number one. There’s no pop like a Road Warrior pop. The Legion of Doom. The one tag team that could sell an arena out by just putting their name on the card. Within the business, when you go out and you got a great pop, people would come back and say, ‘Man, that was a Road Warrior pop because there was nothing like the pop of an arena when the Road Warrior music started. Those guys were mythical almost with the mystique and the look and the spikes and the paint and just two big, jacked up dudes from Chicago laying waste to everyone. I mean, the Road Warriors drew huge money.”

There you have it, folks, The Undertaker’s tag team Mt. Rushmore, straight from the Deadman himself.

These legendary teams left an indelible mark on the world of wrestling, and their legacy lives on through the eyes of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s choices for his tag team Mt. Rushmore in professional wrestling? Do you agree with his selections? Let us know in the comments.

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