Edward “Teddy Hart” Annis is about to step into the courtroom ring for a high-stakes legal showdown down in sunny Titusville, Florida. It’s all about his July 15th arrest on some seriously spicy charges – possession of MDMA (aka ecstasy) and having a controlled substance without a prescription, both of which are serious third-degree felonies in the Sunshine State.

What’s the deal with the upcoming court date? Well, it’s not just any court appearance; it’s “Early Resolution” gig. Down here in Florida, they’re all about cutting deals to keep folks out of felony trials, and Teddy might be in for some legal drama tomorrow that could decide his fate.

Hart’s legal team initially wanted to buy some time and asked for an October court date during a September hearing. But then, on October 19th, they decided it was time to face the music, setting the stage for the big showdown on December 14th. So, the countdown is on!

Ringside News got the inside scoop on Teddy’s arrest thanks to a police report filed by Officer Eduardo Gonzales. Here’s the juicy details:


It all went down on July 14, 2023, around 11:09 PM. Officer Gonzales spotted Teddy racing down Cheney Highway in a slick 2022 Ford Mustang, ignoring traffic signals like he’s in a Fast and Furious movie. Things went south when Teddy took a left turn against a red arrow, cutting off another ride and going west on Cheney Highway. Officer Gonzales had seen enough and pulled Teddy over right in front of 3500 Cheney Highway.

As soon as Officer Gonzales got a whiff of the situation, literally, he smelled some burning marijuana wafting from the car. Teddy and his passenger, Brenda Shoun, were acting mighty suspicious. Brenda popped open the glove compartment, revealing a half-hidden medical marijuana container. Trouble was brewing.

Backup arrived, and Officer Gonzales asked Teddy and Brenda to step out of the vehicle. As Brenda exited, the officer noticed some loose leaf marijuana on her seat. Officer Gonzales popped the big question: “Do either of you have a medical marijuana card?” Teddy said he had one but left it at home, while Brenda was playing coy.

Officer Gonzales decided he’d had enough and told Brenda he was searching the vehicle with or without her consent. That’s when he found more loose leaf marijuana, which later tested positive for some high-THC goodness. He also discovered a black glasses case containing red pills and powder. Teddy casually mentioned that these were his “proprietary blend of vitamins.” However, the pills and powder were anything but vitamins, testing positive for MDMA.

The plot thickened when Officer Gonzales found a white fanny-pack with an American flag on it. Inside were Teddy’s passports, both American and Canadian, plus two vials labeled “Masteron” and “Testosterone Cypionate” – some anabolic steroids. Teddy claimed he had prescriptions for those, but Officer Gonzales wasn’t buying it. More MDMA, in the form of blue powder, was found in the fanny-pack, and Teddy was promptly cuffed.

At the Titusville Police Department, Teddy sang a different tune, admitting the powders and pills were a “proprietary blend” of MDMA-C and owned up to the fanny-pack.

So, Teddy’s in hot water, facing those felony charges for MDMA and controlled substances. He also got slapped with a traffic violation for running a red light. He coughed up $283 to settle that score back on September 19th.

Teddy had just wrestled his first match in three years before the arrest, and he hasn’t stepped into the ring since. Looks like the wrestling world might have to wait a bit longer to see Teddy in action.

Teddy made headlines in the Peacock reality series “Dangerous Breed.” The show spilled the tea on his toxic behavior towards exes, including one woman, Samantha Fiddler, who disappeared after traveling internationally with Teddy. She’s been missing since 2016, and the mystery still lingers.

Stay tuned to Ringside News for more juicy updates from the Teddy Hart courtroom showdown

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