CM Punk made surprising return to the world of WWE, and he received a massive pop from the audience on his comeback. So far, all the reports of CM Punk have been positive, but it hasn’t exactly been established what kind of trajectory he has on his way ahead. Reports now suggest that Punk has taken keen interest in NXT, which might translate to him leading the NXT brand someday.

While the WWE backstage team has been on board with Punk’s return, Shawn Michaels has been the most vocal about it. As per reports, Michaels welcomed Punk to NXT, which led to the 45-year-old attending NXT Deadline. Now, according to WrestlePurists, this active interest in NXT from Punk might be because of his long-term motivation to succeed Michaels as the head of NXT.

At the same time, Fightful claims that WWE officials have said that there are no current plans for Michaels to walk away from his responsibilities for the developmental brand. WrestlePurists also note that Punk might be dealing with handling TV production as well, which was part of his responsibilities at OVW.

Ibou of WrestlePurists has a good connection with sources close to Punk, and says that Punk’s long-term goal is to succeed the 58-year old Michaels in heading up NXT. WWE officials tell Fightful that something like that would be a long way off, and there are no plans as of now for Michaels to wrap up his run in NXT any time soon. Ibou also noted that Punk would be observing TV production, something that he was known to do in OVW, and would often bend Paul Heyman’s ear about.


The report further says that Punk was extremely pleasant to everyone at the WWE Performance Center, offering help to anyone with whatever he could. While the former AEW star might not make the move for NXT just yet, it seems that this is going to be his prime focus in the long run.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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