Baron Corbin has been a mainstay at WWE in recent years. However, his experience hasn’t always been the most pleasant. Previously, he made headlines after saying that he would be fine with ending his WWE career in NXT. Off the screen, he’s had high points as well since earlier this month, when he scored a gold medal at an MMA tournament.

Now, Corbin wants to take on Roman Reigns himself. During a conversation with Notsam Wrestling, Corbin said that if fans actually became consolidated in their support for him, he would have the chance to dethrone Roman Reigns. He also said that he likes the “anarchy” in people, where they cheer for some just because it’s going against the scripted outcome.

“Your boy was getting cheered [laughs]. Such a weird world we live in right now where Baron Corbin gets cheered. [Inaudible] love it right now. Just because it’s going against what’s supposed to be happening. Sometimes, I want that anarchy, that mayhem, that madness. You know what? If people start loving what I do and really get behind it, I could be the guy to go against Roman Reigns because he needs a guy like that. It’d be a fun switch.”

He also mentioned his previous work with Roman Reigns, saying that people had started feeling sorry for him. However, people are actually excited for him now, he noted, and added that if he were to go against Reigns now, it would be “fresh.”


The last time I worked with Roman, I was pouring dog food on him. Not a fun time for him. I also almost vomited with the dog food. But it would be a flip. He’s killing it right now, but if people get behind me, it would almost feel, and here’s why I like it, it’s fresh. It feels new. When they’re behind me, it’s like, dude, it’s not the same person you saw. When we were doing the Bum Ass Corbin, Sad Corbin, they were starting to turn and feel bad for me. But now it’s like they’re excited for me.

Do you think it would be a great idea for Baron Corbin to go against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Champion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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