Sami Zayn, who had a breakout year in WWE in 2023 due to his feud with The Bloodline and alliance with Kevin Owens, is set to take a break from wrestling.

This decision comes following an injury angle on Monday Night Raw where Zayn faced Drew McIntyre. During the match, an injury spot was orchestrated, allowing McIntyre to secure the victory. Zayn was subsequently attended to by medical staff but was further attacked by McIntyre.

Reportedly, it was Sami Zayn himself who requested some time off, and WWE has granted his request. Initially, it was unclear when exactly the hiatus would commence. However, a week later on Raw, WWE officially stated that Zayn was “injured” with “partially torn meniscus,” but they did not provide a specific timeframe for his return.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Metlzer reiterated his initial report about Zayn’s decision to take time off. He mentioned that the partially torn meniscus might be legitimate, as wrestlers often deal with various injuries. However, Meltzer clarified that Zayn’s request for time off was not solely due to an injury, and he hasn’t confirmed the extent of the injury or whether it is entirely genuine.


“I was told that he had asked for time off. The partially torn meniscus may be legit because guys are always hurt anyway. Last week…..I was told Sami is gonna be off for a while. He asked for time off. Not over an injury or anything like that…I don’t know if he’s got a partially torn meniscus or not. He very possibly does, but he actually asked time off, regarding the injury situation,” Meltzer stated.

In summary, Sami Zayn has chosen to take a break from WWE, with a storyline injury angle used to facilitate his absence.

While there may be a legitimate partially torn meniscus, the primary reason for his hiatus was his request for time off, and the exact duration of his absence remains uncertain.

What are your thoughts on Sami Zayn’s hiatus? Will you miss seeing him on television every week? Let us know in the comments.

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