Andrade El Idolo’s AEW contract is set to expire in 2024, leading to speculation that he might be preparing for a return to WWE. Recent developments suggest that he has been exploring his options.

El Idolo made a notable appearance in vignette during CMLL’s Arena Mexico show on Friday, December 8, 2023, and it was subsequently confirmed that he would be making his return to the promotion on December 15. Additionally, it was revealed that he had engaged in discussions with both CMLL and AAA.

Dave Meltzer provided insights into the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, indicating that Andrade El Idolo had not signed a new AEW contract and was considering a return to CMLL, possibly as a contingency plan in case of a WWE return.

Meltzer explained, “He’s got five dates with them, and we’ll see how that goes. They don’t pay big because they don’t have to, and Andrade is usually charging a pretty good amount of money to do independent dates, so maybe he’s doing a deal for them because it is where he first got his break.”


He also noted that there might be political considerations, as going to CMLL would allow El Idolo to work with AEW and NJPW through the Forbidden Door, as well as New Japan, which he couldn’t do before.

Furthermore, Meltzer mentioned that Andrade was in talks with AAA until very recently, indicating that his decision to join CMLL was not solely motivated by a desire to work the Forbidden Door or New Japan but rather a complex evaluation of both sides.

“He was still in talks with AAA until recently, so it wasn’t like ‘I’ve got to get out of AAA and get to where I can work Forbidden Door or New Japan,” Meltzer said.

Andrade El Idolo boasts an impressive track record in CMLL, with multiple championships to his name, including the CMLL Universal Championship and various NWA titles. His future in the wrestling world remains an intriguing storyline to follow.

What do you think Andrade El Idolo’s next career move should be, and how might his return to CMLL or potential return to WWE impact the wrestling landscape?

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