Former WWE Superstar Mickie James has taken center stage, addressing a simmering controversy that has rocked the world of professional wrestling. And this intense showdown unfolds against the backdrop of a sad chapter involving none other than The Briscoe Brothers.

The sparks flew when the WWE on FOX, during a recent episode of SmackDown, shared an image featuring The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley, dubbing them “Dem Boyz.” But here’s where the firestorm ignited – the moniker “Dem Boyz” has long been intrinsically tied to The Briscoe Brothers tag team.

It’s no surprise that Mark Briscoe got upset with anger, as WWE on Fox seemed to borrow their catchphrase to describe an entirely different set of wrestlers. The situation took on an even more dark turn due to the tragic passing of Jay Briscoe earlier in the year at the tender age of 38, in a heart-wrenching car accident.

In response to Mark Briscoe’s impassioned comments, Mickie James stormed into the arena of social media warfare, posting an image of The Briscoe Brothers. But this move was met with a fiery backlash from a faction of furious wrestling fans. However, Mickie James refused to be silenced. She re-entered the social media fray, delivering a potent message that resonated with the vital importance of respect and empathy.


With a intense reminder, Mickie James called out the disconcerting trend of individuals readily resorting to disrespect in pursuit of a mere “like” on their social media posts. She implored everyone to keep in mind the ongoing process of healing and grieving within the Briscoe family, still reeling from the tragic loss of Jay Briscoe. Mickie James made it clear: we got to be super nice and understand people a lot, especially when they’re feeling sensitive.

“The comments alone remind me how comfortable people are being disrespected, & disrespecting others, all for a fake like on a soulless app. I’m aware it’s a tweet. I’m aware “the boys” also, my friends, didn’t post it. I’m aware a brother & friend is still grieving. You should too,” she posted.

Amidst this blazing controversy, Maria Kanellis joined the melee, her voice ringing out with disapproval of WWE on Fox’s post. She shared poignant snapshots of Mark and Jay Briscoe, adding an extra layer of poignancy to the debate.

“So disrespectful and tone deaf. These are the only Dem Boyz. I said what I said and shouldn’t have deleted it. The magic is in the friendships, the memories, and the people you help. The Briscoes have helped and elevated everyone around them. This was from two years ago. There was something about that night, like we knew that was the last match we would all be together.”

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dedication and loyalty of wrestling fans, who form deep emotional connections with their beloved performers and catchphrases. It also underscores the vital lesson of empathy and respect, especially in moments of remembrance.

What is your take on this whole ‘WWE on FOX’ controversy? Are people overreacting? Let us know in the comments.

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