AEW star Mark Briscoe made waves when he publicly called out the “WWE on FOX” social media account for appropriating The Briscoes’ iconic “DEM BOYZ” term to describe Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits. The wrestling community was buzzing with reactions, and former WWE star Maria Kanellis also stepped into the ring of commentary.

Maria Kanellis didn’t hold back, expressing her disdain for the @WWEOnFox post while sharing heartfelt photos of Mark and Jay Briscoe. In a passionate response, she emphasized the significance of “DEM BOYZ” belonging to the Briscoes and the profound impact they’ve had on those around them. She went on to share a poignant memory from two years ago, highlighting the magic of friendships, memories, and the people you uplift in the wrestling world.

However, a fan chimed in on Maria’s post, raising a point about AEW using phrases like “He’s Him” and Nick Wayne adopting the moniker “The Prodigy.” The fan also noted that Maria had worked with Rok-C, suggesting that these instances should also be scrutinized.

“Do you have the same energy for AEW using a ‘He’s Him’ shirt and Nick Wayne now being ‘The Prodigy’ … you worked with Rok-C… that one should sting.”


Maria didn’t back down, responding firmly by explaining that her husband, Mike Bennett, had used the “Prodigy” moniker in Ring of Honor long before Rok-C adopted it. She clarified that they had discussed it, and Mike didn’t take issue with Rok-C using the same term, asserting that the situations were not comparable.

“@RealMikeBennett was The Prodigy in @ringofhonor maybe before Rok-C was born. They talked about it and Mike didn’t care. Not the same.”

In the world of professional wrestling, where trademarks and phrases often hold significant value, the debate over who owns the rights to certain catchphrases and terms can ignite passionate discussions.

Do you think things are getting blown out of proportion now or is the targeted hate at the WWE on FOX account justified? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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