CM Punk’s return at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event sent shockwaves through the pro wrestling world, and the excitement continues to build as fans eagerly anticipate his next move. Punk has been dropping hints about appearing at NXT Deadline tonight, and now he’s received a direct invitation from a WWE Hall of Famer.

Shawn Michaels, the legendary WWE Hall of Famer, took to Twitter to reach out to CM Punk. He suggested that instead of a phone call, they should have a face-to-face conversation during the NXT Deadline event in Bridgeport. Michaels’ tweet read, “@CMPunk Since you’re in Bridgeport and have some time, let’s forgo the phone call and talk in person.”

In a recent update from PWInsider, it’s been confirmed that CM Punk is indeed backstage at WWE NXT in Bridgeport, CT for the Deadline event and will be making an appearance on screen.

As the anticipation continues to build, wrestling fans are in for a night of memorable matches and exciting moments at NXT Deadline 2023. Be sure to tune in for Ringside News’ live coverage of the event at 8/7c to catch all the action and surprises as they unfold.


What do you think could be the reason behind Shawn Michaels’ direct invitation to CM Punk for a face-to-face conversation at NXT Deadline, and how might this impact the wrestling landscape? Leave us a comment.

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