Welcome to the live and continuous coverage of Impact Wrestling Final Resolution 2023, brought to you by Ringside News, taking place at Toronto’s Don Kolov Arena!

The venue exudes an intimate atmosphere, with the hard camera positioned practically adjacent to the wrestling ring.

Final Resolution Countdown Show

PCO vs. Jessie V

The event kicked off in an impromptu fashion shortly after 7:30 PM, as PCO launched an assault on an individual at ringside, later revealed to be Jessie V. PCO administered a beatdown on the ringside floor before returning his opponent to the ring. A back-and-forth battle ensued until PCO unleashed his signature moves, culminating in the PCOsault for the victory. While what I witnessed was satisfactory, I regret missing out on the entirety of the match.

The victor of this contest is PCO!


Gia Miller conducted an interview with the Knockouts Champion Trinity and Jordynne Grace. Trinity expressed her confidence in maintaining perfect synchronization, citing her successful partnership with Mickie James before Bound for Glory as evidence. Grace, on the other hand, emphasized her extensive experience as a two-time champion and her understanding of the champion’s responsibilities. Trinity countered by pointing out that Grace had lost the title twice, whereas Trinity had not. She made a bold promise to be officially announced as the TNA Knockouts Champion at Hard to Kill, leaving Grace visibly discontented.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Sheldon Jean

The match opened with a display of solid wrestling from both competitors. Kazarian gained control over Jean by executing several armdrag takeovers. Kazarian then set up for his signature springboard legsdrop, but Jean thwarted his plans by shoving him off the ropes and sending him crashing to the floor. Seizing the advantage, Jean forcefully slammed Kazarian into the ring post.

Jean continued to dominate Kazarian, securing a near fall following a double underhook suplex. With relentless offense, Jean managed to rack up multiple two-counts. However, his momentum was halted when he missed a superkick and found himself ensnared in Kazarian’s crossface chicken wing submission, ultimately succumbing and tapping out.

It’s worth noting that Jean put on an impressive performance, while Kazarian demonstrated his consistent excellence in the ring.

The victor of this contest is Frankie Kazarian!

Impact Wrestling Final Resolution

They emphasized that the upcoming TNA+ subscription will encompass all four major TNA PPV events, underscoring the comprehensive coverage it will provide.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions ABC vs. Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards with Alisha Edwards

The match began with Myers and Chris Bey, both competitors exchanging offense in a see-saw battle. Edwards and Ace Austin then tagged in, with the champions (ABC) gaining control and executing various double-team moves. Bey found himself isolated and on the receiving end of attacks as the challengers took turns tagging in and out, systematically wearing him down. Myers applied a bear hug, maintaining control over Bey on the canvas. Bey eventually managed to break free, executing a sunset flip, but Edwards had already tagged in and ambushed him.

Ace Austin finally made the crucial tag and unleashed a series of impressive springboard kicks on Edwards. Austin attempted a DDT but quickly transitioned it into a small package for a two-count. However, Edwards countered with a devastating Blue Thunder Bomb. The action intensified as all four competitors engaged in a chaotic brawl inside the ring.

Edwards executed a backpack stunner, setting up Myers, who soared from the top rope with a flying elbow drop. This combination of moves looked fantastic but only secured a near fall. Despite the challengers’ resurgence, ABC made a powerful comeback, executing their Art of Finesse and The Fold combination to secure the pinfall victory.

The winners of the match and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions are ABC!

This bout delivered a solid and entertaining performance. The potential of these four competitors to deliver a show-stealing match is evident, and hopefully, they’ll have more opportunities to showcase their skills in the future. It felt like a glimpse of what they can achieve, and fans can look forward to that potential being fully realized.

Following the match, The Rascalz launched a sudden assault on ABC, ruthlessly beating down the champions.

Backstage, Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. shared some words of determination. Sabre expressed his excitement about finally being in this environment and promised to leave a lasting impact. He vowed to demonstrate why he is regarded as the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Alexander chimed in, emphasizing that tonight marks the beginning of his journey towards championship glory, setting a new standard for TNA.

Alisha Edwards then grabbed the microphone and decided to address the audience. In a somewhat mocking tone, she poked fun at the accents of the Canadian fans and expressed her belief that they don’t deserve anything. Alisha declared her intention to stage a protest in the ring and boycott the PPV. This provocative stance prompted the appearance of Santino Marella, who urged them to exit the ring. Alisha refused to comply, and as a result, Santino made an impromptu decision, announcing that if they were unwilling to leave, Alisha would have to face Jody Threat in a match right then and there.

Jody Threat vs. Alisha Edwards (with Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers)

In the early stages of the match, Jody Threat took control, showcasing her dominance by executing a series of suplexes and securing a two-count. As Threat climbed to the top turnbuckle for a high-risk move, Alisha Edwards intervened, grabbing her leg and causing a disruption. The referee had seen enough and ejected both Alisha and Myers from ringside. The two of them engaged in a heated argument, leading to Threat’s impulsive decision to launch a flip dive from the top rope onto them at ringside.

Upon her return to the apron, Threat was met with a fierce attack from Alisha Edwards, who delivered hard forearms around the ringside area. The battle continued to ebb and flow until Threat executed a TKO, securing the pinfall victory.

This match delivered a compelling dynamic between the babyface and heel, with Alisha Edwards demonstrating a newfound confidence, engaging facial expressions, vocalizations in the ring, and effectively eliciting reactions from the crowd. Threat’s presence in Toronto made it easy for the fans to rally behind her, resulting in an engaging and well-executed bout.

The winner of the match is Jody Threat!

Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Deaner

The match between Dreamer and Deaner took an intense turn as they brawled their way to the arena floor. Dreamer attempted a suplex to the floor, but his plans were thwarted by Deaner, who knocked him off the apron and ruthlessly targeted his arm against the unforgiving steel steps of the bleachers.

Deaner continued his assault by slamming Dreamer’s arm into the ring post, inflicting more damage to his vulnerable limb. With Dreamer in a compromised position, Deaner maintained control of the match, strategically attacking the injured arm.

Despite the adversity, the crowd remained firmly behind Dreamer, chanting his name as they witnessed the grueling contest unfold. The battle between these two competitors was far from over, and the fans were fully engaged in the action.

Throughout the match, Deaner maintained a relentless assault on his opponent, frequently coming close to securing near falls.

At one point, Deaner attempted the Bionic Elbow, but Dreamer managed to block it. Deaner then targeted Dreamer’s injured arm, taking him down to the mat and applying a chinlock. Deaner went to the ropes and attempted a diving move, but Dreamer cleverly extended his foot, causing Deaner to lose his balance and crash to the canvas.

Deaner, however, rallied back and executed a piledriver on Dreamer. He grew frustrated with the referee’s count and briefly considered using the Digital Media title belt as a weapon. The referee warned him that she would disqualify him if he went through with it. This distraction allowed Dreamer to roll Deaner up for a two-count. Deaner managed to regain control with a clothesline but couldn’t secure the victory.

Deaner then strategically placed the title belt on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer attempted a DDT, but Deaner countered. However, Dreamer countered back by taking out Deaner’s legs and catapulting him into the corner where the belt was positioned. This led to Deaner staggering into Dreamer’s DDT, resulting in the pinfall victory.

The winner and still the Digital Media Champion is Tommy Dreamer!

Backstage, The Rascalz made it clear that their rivalry with ABC was far from over, and they declared their intention to face them at Hard to Kill. Santino Marella then appeared on the scene and reminded them that they had a guaranteed rematch in their contract. However, The Rascalz expressed their impatience and desire not to wait. Santino suggested an alternative, proposing that they could face Mike Bailey and a partner right away.

The surprise partner for Mike Bailey turned out to be Trent Seven.

The Rascalz vs. Miley Bailey and Trent Seven

In the early stages of the match, the action was intense and frenetic. The Rascalz exhibited a ruthless side, disregarding the rules and adopting a mean-spirited approach. They targeted Trent Seven, unleashing a brutal assault on him both outside and inside the ring. Wentz, in particular, continued the attack by stomping on Seven, clearly aiming to gain the upper hand.

The Rascalz dominated Trent Seven for an extended period, but when Mike Bailey finally tagged in, he unleashed a flurry of martial arts kicks, demonstrating his striking skills. Bailey delivered a spinning tornado kick to Wentz, setting up Seven for a Dragon suplex. The Rascalz managed to regain control, subjecting Seven to a sustained beatdown. Trey even executed a dive on Bailey, further intensifying their assault.

However, the momentum shifted when Seven made a comeback, executing a devastating Burning Hammer. Bailey then hit the Ultimate Weapon off the top rope and secured the pinfall victory. The match was a chaotic and action-packed affair, making it the standout bout of the event from a physical standpoint.

The winners of the match are Mike Bailey and Trent Seven!

Following the match, Scott D’Amore made his way to the ring amidst chants of “TNA” from the crowd. D’Amore reminisced about his wrestling career, mentioning his encounter with Don Kolov 20 years ago. He also talked about Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) reaching out to him nine years ago, leading to the signing of Josh Alexander. D’Amore recalled his signing of Speedball (Mike Bailey) three years ago and then introduced Trent Seven as his latest signing. He presented Seven with a contract, and Seven signed it on Bailey’s back.

In a backstage promo, The Motor City Machine Guns sent a clear message: if anyone is coming for them, they better not miss.

Jason Hotch came to the ring and declared that he no longer had an opponent for his match because Jake Something had suffered a horrific injury. They even showed footage of Hotch viciously attacking Jake Something with a chair earlier in the evening. Despite the apparent injury, Jake Something made a surprising appearance and headed to the ring.

Jake Something vs. Jason Hotch

Despite his lower back injury, Jake Something charged into the ring and initially overwhelmed Jason Hotch. However, he continued to sell the pain in his lower back. Something’s fortunes took a downturn when he attempted a spear into the corner but ended up colliding with the turnbuckles instead. Hotch capitalized on the opportunity, executing some impressive moves such as a rolling neckbreaker and a double stomp, but he could only secure a one-count.

In their match, Jason Hotch initially gained control over Jake Something on the mat, delivering a superkick, but Something displayed resilience by consistently kicking out early.

Hotch later applied a sitting abdominal stretch and resorted to underhanded tactics, including ripping at Something’s face. However, Something managed to break free and turned the tables by slamming Hotch’s face into the mat, leaving him disoriented. The two competitors engaged in a hard-hitting exchange of strikes, with Something landing a series of clotheslines followed by brutal short-arm clotheslines.

Something continued his comeback by executing a powerful powerbomb and then sealing the deal with a Black Hole Slam for the pinfall victory.

This match effectively played to its intended storyline, with Hotch showcasing his heelish offense and Something having to battle from underneath before unleashing his power and ultimately emerging victorious.

Moose vs. Rhino

Moose and Rhino engaged in a fierce battle both inside and outside the ring, repeatedly slamming each other into the unforgiving ring apron. Rhino managed to seize control and continued to punish Moose with these relentless ring apron slams. The crowd rallied behind Rhino, chanting his name.

In a desperate attempt to regain the upper hand, Moose resorted to a low blow, prompting the referee to ring the bell and declare Rhino the winner by disqualification (DQ).

However, Rhino wasn’t satisfied with the DQ victory and grabbed the microphone, expressing his determination not to leave Toronto with a win by DQ. He challenged Moose to a Street Fight, seeking a more definitive outcome. Initially hesitant, Moose appeared to be leaving the ring but was informed that if he did so, he would forfeit his TNA title match at the upcoming Hard to Kill PPV.

Faced with this ultimatum, Moose had no choice but to return to the ring and accept Rhino’s challenge.

Moose vs. Rhino in a Street Fight

The intense battle between Moose and Rhino spilled to the outside of the ring, where Moose resorted to a dirty tactic by raking Rhino’s eyes. Rhino, however, countered and made a comeback, executing a suplex on the unforgiving entrance ramp.

The battle between Moose and Rhino escalated to include weapons, with Rhino’s hand getting trapped in the turnbuckle pad, where Moose ruthlessly targeted it, smashing it with a steel chair. Moose introduced a ladder into the ring and used it to maintain control over Rhino. He then set up a table inside the ring and unleashed a flurry of right hands on Rhino in the corner. However, Rhino managed to power out and powerbombed Moose through the table, securing a two-count.

Moose and Rhino continued their hard-hitting confrontation, with Rhino catching Moose’s charging attempt and hiptossing him into the ladder in the corner, causing it to shatter. Rhino retrieved another table from under the ring, attempting to set it up in the corner. Still, Moose fought back, gouging Rhino’s eyes. In an attempt to turn the tide, Moose tried to whip Rhino into the table, but it backfired as Moose crashed into it. A second referee rushed to the scene after the first had been incapacitated.

Rhino went for his signature Gore through the table, but Moose managed to evade it and pulled the referee in the way, causing the referee to get wiped out instead. Seizing the opportunity, Moose capitalized with a spear on Rhino, and the original referee, who had now recovered, counted the pinfall.

The winner of the match is Moose!

In a backstage promo, Kazarian shared his thoughts and expressed pride in being part of TNA’s resurgence. He mentioned how 2023 had been a rewarding year for him and TNA, and he looked forward to 2024 being “the year of TNA” and “the year of Kazarian.”

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Trinity & Jordynne Grace vs. Gisele Shaw & Deonna Purrazzo

Trinity and Deonna Purrazzo squared off in the ring, engaging in a technical wrestling exchange with reversals and takedowns. Trinity gained the upper hand, driving Purrazzo into the corner and attempting her move, Starstruck, but Deonna successfully countered it. Purrazzo then tagged in Gisele Shaw, while Jordynne Grace entered the match on Trinity’s side. Grace’s star power was evident as she utilized her strength to overpower Shaw on multiple occasions.

Trinity and Grace maintained control, with Grace even executing a tope suicida to the outside on their opponents, showcasing her agility. Grace subsequently sent Shaw back into the ring, where Trinity continued to dominate her and nearly secured a two-count. The two teammates executed quick tags to maintain their control over Shaw.

However, Shaw managed to escape an attempted Grace Driver and capitalized by attacking Trinity, who was positioned in the corner. Deonna Purrazzo then tagged back into the match and immediately targeted Grace’s arm, stomping away at her in the corner to wear her down. Trinity showcased her athleticism by delivering a split legdrop on Gisele Shaw, following it up with a powerful right forearm strike. She displayed her agility by ducking under a clothesline attempt by Shaw and subsequently executing a bulldog off the ropes, nearly securing a two-count. However, Deonna Purrazzo intervened, breaking up the pinfall attempt to keep the match going.

Trinity and Jordynne Grace executed a DDT off the ropes, displaying impressive teamwork. Purrazzo and Grace found themselves battling on the outside, where Grace was slammed backward into the apron. Inside the ring, Gisele Shaw reversed a takedown attempt by Trinity and delivered a double stomp, resulting in a two-count.

Deonna Purrazzo then took control, working over Trinity. However, Trinity managed to counter with an enziguiri. Grace tagged in, and all four competitors engaged in a flurry of kicks and high-impact moves. Purrazzo attempted the Fujiwara armbar, but Grace rolled through. Deonna went for the Queen’s Gambit, but Grace escaped and dumped her to the mat. Meanwhile, Shaw got involved, but Trinity intervened, sending her into the ring post.

Grace and Purrazzo continued to exchange pinfall attempts, with Grace eventually executing a powerbomb. Trinity followed up with a full nelson bomb, and Grace secured the pinfall victory over Deonna Purrazzo.

Trinity and Jordynne Grace emerged as the winners in this well-worked bout. They showed mutual respect by shaking hands and leaving the ring together.

After the match, fans chanted for Deonna Purrazzo, who was making her last contracted appearance for Impact Wrestling that night. Gisele Shaw initially appeared to offer her hand but instead attacked Deonna and left her lying.

In a backstage interview with Gia Miller, Moose acknowledged that this was the last Impact Wrestling event and emphasized the upcoming rebirth of TNA in the new year. He declared his intention to put to rest every version of Moose that fans have known, and at Hard to Kill, he wanted to be recognized as one thing—Moose, the new TNA Champion.

The Motor City Machine Guns, Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley & X-Division Chris Sabin vs. Josh Alexander and the debuting Zack Sabre Jr.

The match began with Zack Sabre Jr. and Alex Shelley, engaging in a back-and-forth exchange of impressive grappling maneuvers. Their technical prowess was on full display, setting the tone for a high-quality contest. Chris Sabin and Josh Alexander then entered the match, continuing the trend of excellent action.

In the early stages, Josh Alexander managed to shoulder block Chris Sabin down, but Sabin quickly retaliated with an armbar takedown, taking the action to the mat. The Motor City Machine Guns, Shelley and Sabin, made seamless tags and worked together to maintain control over Josh Alexander, showcasing their tag team chemistry.

Zack Sabre Jr. tagged back into the match, and The Motor City Machine Guns continued to impress, also targeting Josh Alexander and keeping him at bay.

Chris Sabin took control, working over Zack Sabre Jr. and showcasing his offensive prowess. Alex Shelley tagged in and applied a straitjacket hold on Sabre, causing him to snap backward. From there, Shelley transitioned into a surfboard hold, with Sabin following up by nailing a bulldog for a close two-count. Sabin continued his assault on Sabre, who used his technical skills to manipulate Sabin’s fingers and escape a hold. Sabin managed to daze Sabre with a kick and executed a twisting DDT off the ropes, narrowly missing a three-count.

Sabre and Josh Alexander then took control, making quick tags and targeting Chris Sabin, unleashing a series of offense that resulted in near-falls. Sabre delivered a big boot to Shelley, sending him to the floor, and Alexander executed a German suplex on Sabin, with Sabre rolling over for a pinfall attempt. Alex Shelley managed to break up the pin at the last possible moment. Sabin fought back, hitting a flying bodypress on Alexander and a DDT.

Shelley re-entered the ring and set up for Sabin to perform a tope on Alexander. The Motor City Machine Guns executed a missile dropkick/Flatliner combination on their opponents.

Josh Alexander attempted to regain momentum but was met with resistance as The Guns attacked him with multiple Dragon Screw Legwhips. They then applied stereo figure-four leglocks, with Sabre eventually making it to the ropes but not before delivering a hard kick to his own partner to psych himself up. Sabre rolled through a Sabin bodypress and targeted the arm. He struck Sabin with a powerful kick, but Sabin retaliated with a big superkick.

Sabre swiftly took Sabin down and locked in a double arm submission, attempting to force a submission. Sabin tried to reach the ropes but was pulled away. Alex Shelley finally intervened with a Dragon Sleeper, but Josh Alexander seized Shelley’s leg and applied an ankle lock. The crowd erupted with chants of “This is awesome, TNA,” appreciating the intensity of the matchup.

In the final moments of the match, Zack Sabre Jr. unleashed a barrage of kicks, intensifying the action in the ring. The competitors delivered a flurry of big moves, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. A double superkick landed on Alex Shelley, momentarily staggering him.

Chris Sabin attempted a tornado DDT on Josh Alexander, but Alexander countered and executed a C4 Spike on Sabin, securing the pinfall victory for his team.

Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. emerged as the victors in this thrilling matchup, which featured excellent action from start to finish.

Sabre and Alexander showed respect for each other by shaking hands after the match.

The show closed with a video package highlighting the upcoming rematch between Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander, scheduled for the Hard to Kill PPV on January 13, 2024, in Las Vegas. Based on their previous encounter, this rematch promises to be an incredible showdown.

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