Grayson Waller and Austin Theory have paired up on a couple of occasions on Friday Night Smackdown. The two young WWE Superstars have managed to beat their opponents and continue to be a pain in Kevin Owens’ side till now. Now Theory decided to mock Kevin Owens’ injury with a flawless Steve Austin impersonation.

After the announcement that Owens would be competing in the tournament to determine Logan Paul’s next US Title challenger, WWE announced that Owens had suffered hand fractures after his bout with Grayson Waller last week on Smackdown, following Waller and Austin Theory’s brutal assault.

Grayson Waller and Austin Theory appeared in a backstage promo that was released online after Friday Night SmackDown this week. In the video, Austin Theory used his flawless Steve Austin impersonation to cut a promo on Kevin Owens while showing off a t-shirt that said “Grayson 3:16” on the front and “I Just Broke Your Hand” on the back.

“Grayson 3:16 son, why don’t you turn around and show ’em! Look at that, ‘I just broke your hand,’ son! Kevin Owens, we broke ya hand, ya ain’t got one no more! WHAT?! Grayson Waller’s gonna beat ya? WHAT?!  Austin Theory’s gonna beat ya? WHAT?! We broke ya hand! WHAT?!”


It was on this week’s SmackDown episode that Kevin Owens will be facing off against Austin Theory next week on SmackDown as part of the tournament. Owens is currently nursing a broken hand but made it clear he will beat up Theory despite that. We’ll have to see what will become of Kevin Owens in the end.

What’s your opinion on this Austin Theory video? Are you enjoying his current run with Grayson Waller? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet is a professional wrestling fan for over 22 years. He got captivated by the sport during the Monday Night Wars and has a passion for it ever since. He also enjoys TV shows, movies, anime, novels and music, which broadens his perspective and appreciation for wrestling. He is a knowledgeable and respected voice in the industry.

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