‘The Devil’ is turning out to be one of the most interesting recent additions to AEW. His streak as a haunting presence for MJF has kept fans engaged. However, the question about who he might be remains unanswered. Freddie Prinze Jr. believes he holds the answer to this very question.

During his podcast Wrestling with Freddy, Prinze Jr. gave his two cents about the Devil. He linked the convenient timing of Cole’s ankle injury with the Devil’s sudden appearance. He also emphasized how Cole’s eyes give away the identity despite the constantly-maintained secrecy about the Devil’s identity.

Freddy expressed, “Adam Cole! Adam Cole, and he’s been faking the ankle injury-surgery-recovery story the whole time. Isn’t it convenient that his ankle got hurt right around the same time that the devil character came to fruition?”

He further said that Cole’s eyes pretty much give away that he has something sinister planned for securing the AEW World Championship for himself.


As far as Cole is concerned, he’s keeping up with his fan interaction on social media. Last month, the other half of the Brochachos thanked his fans for all the support he’s been receiving since the injury.

On the last edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF was unconscious backstage, and most fans speculated on social media that it had something to do with the Devil. They also questioned whether the former WWE and TNA star James Storm was responsible for this. In response, Storm wrote on Twitter that he was at a bar and even tagged Tony Khan in the tweet.

Who might be the Devil, who has been hard at work terrorizing MJF? If you have some thoughts on the same, share them in the comment section below!

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