A professional wrestler from AEW has responded to allegations of receiving fines from the organization due to his behavior on social media.

Recent discussions within the AEW community have focused on Bryan Danielson’s reported role within AEW’s “disciplinary committee.” This committee reportedly advised Tony Khan on the decision to release CM Punk from the company. Initially, it was Fightful who revealed that Bryan Danielson had a significant role in leading this committee and remained a part of it.

Following the discussion surrounding CM Punk, another topic that emerged was the issuance of fines to AEW talent by the same disciplinary committee. Although no specific names were mentioned, there were suggestions that a couple of talents had been fined for their actions on social media.

Naturally, fans began speculating about the identities of those fined, and surprisingly, one of the names that came up was Mike Santana. In response to these speculations, Santana took to X/Twitter and humorously commented:


“They fined me? Yeah, okay. 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

When questioned if people had assumed he was the one fined, Santana replied with a GIF of himself laughing into the camera, indicating that he found the assumption amusing.

Santana’s most recent match for AEW was a victory over his former tag team partner Ortiz on an episode of Rampage in late October. Since then, he has achieved success as the House of Glory World Heavyweight Champion, a prestigious title previously held by renowned wrestlers like Ricochet, EC3, and Jacob Fatu within House of Glory.

How do you think the behind-the-scenes aspects of professional wrestling, such as disciplinary committees and fines, impact the overall wrestling product and the relationship between wrestlers and fans? Leave us a comment.

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