WWE has disclosed the identities of individuals set to use the NXT ring names for which they recently filed trademarks. Here are the details, courtesy of PWnsider:

  • ‘Dion Lennox’ – Assigned to former Los Angeles Rams linebacker Andrzej Hughes-Murray.
  • ‘Keanu Carver’ – Assigned to former Temple University defensive tackle Kevin Robertson, who was signed by WWE in June.

It’s worth noting that WWE also filed for the ‘Dion Wilder’ name, which might be a backup for ‘Dion Lennox,’ but it’s possible that two different stars could be using variations of the ‘Dion’ name.

As noted yesterday, WWE announced its latest NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) program signees:

  • Adam Berghorst (Indiana State, Baseball, 6’7, 260lbs)
  • Bayley Humphrey (Baylor, Acrobatics, 5’10)
  • Darci Khan (Howard, Track & Field, 5’7)
  • Desmond Coleman (Liberty, Track & Field, 6’4, 250lbs)
  • Grace Stephens (Monmouth, Track & Field, 5’5)
  • Jeremy Cody (Miami – Florida, Track & Field, 6’7, 220lbs)
  • Josh Pearcy (Rice, Football, 6’2, 245lbs)
  • Kali Terza (Kennesaw State, Track & Field, 5’4)
  • Lucas Davison (Michigan, Wrestling, 6’2, 235lbs)
  • Momen Zahid (William & Mary, Football, 6’5, 295lbs)
  • Sirena Linton (Arkansas, Gymnastics, 5’2)
  • Skyla Schulte (Michigan State, Gymnastics, 5’2)
  • Slane Glover (Ohio State, Cheerleading, 6’1, 205lbs)
  • Stephen Buchanan (Oklahoma, Wrestling, 6’0, 200lbs)

These announcements reflect WWE’s ongoing efforts to bring fresh talent to NXT and its collaboration with athletes from various fields through the NIL program.


What are your thoughts on WWE’s decisions to assign new ring names to former athletes and their continued efforts to recruit talent through the NIL program? Leave us a comment below.

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