CM Punk’s long-awaited return to WWE had fans buzzing with excitement, but it left former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. with some critique. Prinze shared his thoughts on Punk’s return promo during an episode of his ‘Wrestling with Freddie‘ podcast.

Prinze expressed his belief that Punk should have taken a different approach in his return promo. He suggested that Punk should have started with a heel persona, coming out in a suit and tie to shock the audience. Prinze’s vision for the promo included Punk stating, ‘This is why I’m back,’ and emphasizing that he’s returning to WWE for financial gain rather than out of gratitude to the fans.

 “I would have liked to have seen him come out in a suit and tie, and the whole crowd would have been like, ‘What?’ And he’d have gone, ‘This is why I’m back,'” Prize said. “And the last sentence of his promo, which was the only unscripted part should have been the beginning of the promo. That would have put every single fan on notice that this is a different CM Punk.”

According to Prinze, Punk should have portrayed an entitled heel demanding title shots due to his star power. He suggested Punk could have claimed to be guaranteed a World Heavyweight Championship match and insulted the crowd for supporting Seth Rollins. Prinze believed this approach would have set a different tone for Punk’s return.


“He should have said, ‘I’m gonna be handed the World Heavyweight Championship match. I’m not gonna wrestle to earn a title shot. I’ve already been promised a shot, and Seth Rollins is gonna have to deal with it.'”

In the actual promo, Punk spoke humbly about his return to WWE and expressed how he had ‘changed’ over the years. Prinze found this aspect of the promo to be unexpected and not in line with Punk’s typical persona.

While Punk’s return garnered significant attention and fanfare, Prinze’s critique offers an alternative perspective on how the promo could have been structured.

What are your thoughts on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s perspective regarding CM Punk’s return promo in WWE? Do you agree with his idea of how Punk should have reintroduced himself? Leave us a comment below.

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