Cathy Kelley, the well-known WWE personality, made her triumphant return to the wrestling world in October 2022 after a hiatus following her initial run with WWE from February 2016 to February 2020. During her time away, Kelley reflected on her career and personal well-being. Recently, she opened up about her experiences dealing with negativity throughout her career, shedding light on the challenges she has faced.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s ‘Busted Open Radio’ show, Kelley discussed the negativity she encountered, which she noted began when she discussed wrestling for a podcast at AfterBuzz.

“At first, it really got to me,” Kelley admitted, reflecting on how harsh criticism affected her. “Someone called me dumb for having an opinion that was different from theirs, and it was a really tough pill for me to swallow. People attacking your looks, there are so many things you can read online about yourself, some true, some not. Some years ago, it affected me a lot more. Now, even though there’s a lot more positivity, I think even when you take in the good, you still take in some of the bad.”

Over the years, Kelley has developed a stronger sense of self, allowing her to handle negative comments with greater resilience. She recounted a time during her tenure at AfterBuzz when she took an IQ test to join Mensa, a high-IQ society, to dispel the notion that she was unintelligent.


Currently serving as a backstage interviewer on WWE SmackDown, Kelley made the switch from WWE Raw in June 2023, continuing to be a prominent figure in the WWE universe.

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