Steve Fall of Wrestling News Co got the lowdown from former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, and folks, you won’t believe what he spilled! Lashley dished on how he’s defying the sands of time, the weirdest wrestling locale he’s grappled in, his conspicuous absence at WrestleMania 39, his two cents on the enigmatic CM Punk, the heartwarming Tribute to the Troops, and more juicy tidbits.

When Lashley was quizzed about his take on CM Punk’s WWE comeback, he dropped a bombshell:

“I really don’t know, to be honest with you. I was actually leaving [WWE in 2008) around the time when Punk was really starting to pick up a little steam. I mean, he was there, but he really didn’t do anything at that time. And I know he had a big impact in WWE in his time there. I spoke with some of the guys that know him. I got mixed feelings. Some people were very against it, some people were, you know, whatever. But you know, it’s a land of opportunity. So, if he comes back and he helps out the show, and that’s the business side of it. I don’t really know Punk too personally. When I was fighting, he went to UFC. I put my money on him. So he does owe me a little bit of money (Laughs). Twice. I was like, Oh, you could do it. Come on.”

But Lashley didn’t stop there, he went on to explain how he hopes CM Punk is giving the opportunity to prove his loyalty to the business.


“For integrity purposes, I understand he has a big name, he’s coming back. And he’s gonna do some big numbers, but I hope they make him kind of work for some of the stuff. I hope he’s not one of the people that ‘oh okay, he comes back, gonna win the Rumble, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that.’

“I hope they give him an opportunity to kind of prove his loyalty to the business and some of the people in there just to let everybody know, some of the naysayers, some of the people that aren’t too happy about him being there. I hope he has his opportunity to work his way back up to the top and not just [be] given everything, because maybe he negotiated a good contract that allowed him to do that.”

Whoa, shots fired, and the bell just rang! Stay tuned, folks, ’cause this wrestling saga is about to get real interesting! You can check out the entire interview below.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Lashley’s perspective regarding CM Punk’s WWE comeback and the idea that Punk should have to earn his way back to the top? Leave us a comment below.

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