In recent candid interview with Chris Van Vilet, wrestling icon Chris Jericho opened up about the much-talked-about return of former AEW world champion CM Punk to WWE. Jericho’s insights shed light on the wrestling industry’s dynamics and the behind-the-scenes considerations that drive such pivotal decisions.

Jericho discussed the return of CM Punk to WWE and how it wasn’t as shocking to him as it might have been to others. He attributed this return to the fundamental business philosophy embraced by WWE’s head honcho, Vince McMahon. In Vince’s world, if a talent can generate money and capture the audience’s attention, there’s always room for a comeback.

“I mean, it doesn’t surprise me,” Jericho admitted. “I mean, it’s the Vince attitude like if you can make money with somebody, then you bring them back. He brought back the nWo, he brought Bischoff in. Yeah, and Vince isn’t in charge. But Triple H learned from Vince once again, and the fans, keeping the fans entertained and happy, man. Look, he came back, and it was the highest viewed social media segment that they’ve ever had. So, right out of the gate, it was a benefit to them. So it didn’t surprise me.”

Jericho’s insights underscore the importance of keeping the fans engaged and satisfied, which seems to be a lesson learned by WWE’s Triple H from the playbook of Vince McMahon.


In the same interview, Jericho touched upon another wrestling titan, Vince McMahon himself. He expressed his belief that every wrestler should, at some point in their careers, work under the banner of WWE, recognizing the unparalleled platform and opportunities that the company provides in the world of professional wrestling.

How do you feel about Chris Jericho’s perspective on CM Punk’s return to WWE and his thoughts on the importance of working in WWE at some point in a wrestler’s career? Leave us a comment.

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