In a shocking turn of events, a WWE star has reacted to a move that seemed to have once been taboo in the company but now appears to have made a comeback.

Last night on NXT, Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo took on Tony D’Angelo and Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo in a high-stakes match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Amidst the intense action, Garza unleashed a move that caught everyone’s attention – the Tiger Driver 98, affectionately referred to by Raw’s Cedric Alexander as the ‘Money Maker.’

Now, what makes this move eyebrow-raising is that it’s essentially a variation of the piledriver – a wrestling maneuver that has been off-limits in WWE for years due to safety concerns. It’s the very same move that caused quite a stir when Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega employed it at Forbidden Door not too long ago.

Cedric Alexander, clearly taking note of this intriguing development, couldn’t contain his excitement and tweeted: “We can do ‘The Money Maker’ now 🤯.”


While there could be a few scenarios where the move might not be banned – Garza might have executed it without realizing the ban or perhaps knowingly took a risk – the fact that it was showcased on NXT, featuring ‘developmental’ talent like Stacks, hints at a potential shift in the company’s stance on the move.

In the end, despite the controversy surrounding the move, Stacks and D’Angelo managed to retain their championship in last night’s electrifying match. Check out Alexander’s tweet and a clip of the audacious move in action. Wrestling fans, stay tuned – things are heating up in the ring!

What are your thoughts on WWE seemingly allowing moves like the Tiger Driver 98, which resemble the banned piledriver, to be used in matches? Do you think this signals a change in the company’s approach to such maneuvers? Leave us a comment below.

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