The pro wrestling world can be a grind for talent and anyone else involved. It never ends, and with pro wrestling on practically every night of the week, vacations are unheard of unless you plan to miss a ton. Jon Moxley knows all about that, and how it also prohibits the thought of taking a break.

Jon Moxley may have planned a vacation for himself, but that doesn’t mean he will follow through with it. Following AEW All Out 2021, Jon Moxley had reportedly planned vacation, but circumstances took a turn with the occurrence of Brawl Out. Consequently, Moxley found himself in a situation where he won the AEW World Title, a position he stepped into after CM Punk’s championship was vacated.

Jon Moxley continues as a top member of the AEW roster as a part of the Blackpool Combat Club. His recent war with Orange Cassidy, and more, have also solidified that Moxley still has quite a mean streak in him.

While speaking to Liam Crowley of ComicBook, Jon Moxley was asked about not being able to take a vacation. He responded to say that he doesn’t believe he needs to go anywhere. At some point he may take a break from the company, because there’s always something else he could do, but AEW needs him right now for the Continental Classic.


“I don’t even think I was going to go anywhere. I don’t know, maybe at some point [I’ll take time off]. I guess I feel that there’s always something to do. Oh, we need a main event. Oh, we got this Continental Classic. There’s always something around the corner.”

Jon Moxley is competing in the AEW Continental Classic as part of the Gold League. That round-robin tournament is ongoing, and he is very excited to see how the brackets turn out.

“We’re only a couple days into it. It hasn’t really formed an identity yet. I think it’ll be the thing where all the talents involved and the human stories that play out throughout this thing and the excitement of the matches and so forth. I think that’ll just kind of have to take on a life of its own. Right now, we’ve just created this monster, this animal, and set it free. We’re waiting to see what it does.

“If it was going to be good and if it was going to become a thing that you’d want to become a part of in the future and be the thing that was a marquee event and something that wrestlers wanted to do in the future, we had to make it good. My only job is really to wrestle my ass off. That’s easy enough. I can handle that. That’s pretty much everybody’s job. I think just straight-up in-your-face, one-on-one wrestling with a clear result is something that we need to always do. I think that’s something we were founded on.”

Jon Moxley was a workhorse for WWE as Dean Ambrose, and then he took his talents to AEW. When Moxley left WWE, he actually had no idea about AEW, but timing was everything in that regard, and Tony Khan was able to ink the former Shield member to a deal.

We will have to see what Jon Moxley does next in AEW, because he has many stories to tell. It remains to be seen if he will take a break along the way, but anyone who works as hard as Jon Moxley does deserves to have a bit of time for rest and relaxation.

What’s your take on Jon Moxley’s AEW schedule? Does he deserve a part-time contract at this point? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section!

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