CM Punk is back in WWE, and he spoke his mind during the November 27th episode of WWE RAW. His return to WWE was nearly ten years in the making, and that led to quite a homecoming for the Second City Savior.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall to say that everything seems good with CM Punk backstage in WWE right now. He was greeted fondly, and although nobody copped to kissing Punk on the mouth, there were plenty of hugs.

CM Punk’s promo was cut for time, because Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio’s match went a bit longer than they intended. It was also stated that CM Punk wants to put his controversy from AEW in the past. He didn’t mention them during his promo, and no allusions to anything AEW was intended at all.

While we weren’t able to get anyone to admit they kissed him on the mouth, we’re told that CM Punk was seemingly in good spirits, and seemed happy to be around. He spent much of the day getting photographed, both officially, and even with some other talent, and actually took some pictures with a few fans after the show backstage. Those that we heard from said he was on his best behavior as anticipated, and with good reason – some in WWE were told by higher ups that there is a behavior clause associated with his contract, which we’ve yet to confirm.


It was also reported that, “When he was in Gorilla position Saturday night before going out, he briefly joked with some people nearby before walking out.”

CM Punk’s presence at the end of WWE Raw, contrary to some interpretations, wasn’t intended as a jab at the Young Bucks, as it had been speculated. CM Punk is focused on moving forward from the situation, so the lap around the ring had zero to do with the Young Bucks.

For his segment on WWE Raw, there was no listed producer, and it had to be condensed due to the Randy Orton vs. Dominik Mysterio match running over its allotted time. One backstage source noted that Punk’s response to this adjustment seemed satisfactory, while another source indicated that although it may not have been scripted per se, the promo’s direction didn’t include any deliberate shots at AEW. While Punk’s comment about “everyone is happy I’m here” may have had a tongue-in-cheek undertone, several individuals didn’t take it as an implied reference to AEW.

Everything seems good in WWE right now, and they are happy to have CM Punk back in the fold. Only time will tell how everyone feels after the honeymoon phase is over, but Punk is back in WWE to make money, not make friends.

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