Ronda Rousey may have fans all over the pro wrestling world, but she hasn’t won everyone over. She was recently the target of a rather scathing rant, where Effy tore into her in a big way.

Effy recently expressed his criticism of WWE and UFC star Ronda Rousey following her debut in AEW and ROH. Rousey made her appearance on the November 23rd episode of ROH TV, which was recorded during an AEW show after Dynamite. In this appearance, she teamed up with Marina Shafir to face off against Billie Starkz and ROH Women’s Champion Athena.

Despite the speculation surrounding her involvement, Tony Khan clarified that Ronda Rousey is not currently under contract with either AEW or ROH. However, her presence in the ring has ignited rumors of a potential feud with Athena, raising questions about her future in the wrestling world.

Effy, who is known for his outspoken nature, didn’t hold back in his critique of Ronda Rousey. During his Weekend At Effy’s podcast, he didn’t limit his comments to her wrestling abilities alone, indicating that there might be other issues he finds problematic about Rousey’s involvement in the wrestling industry.


“When I think of if I respect a wrestler, or disrespect or don’t enjoy or promote a wrestler, they only have to be three things, okay? The first is, a little bit good at wrestling, just a little bit.

“The second is, they have to believe that trans people are valid, and respect and honor our trans friends and family. The third is they have to believe that Sandy Hook actually happened. If you cross off zero out of three of those, then you (need to leave).

“But Ronda Rousey is the dumbest b*tch of all time. She is not good at wrestling. She is transphobic, and she questions the reality of whether Sandy Hook happened, and I just said it anyway. Ronda Rousey, you’re a big dumb b*tch.

“I gotta stop talking sh*t, but it’s been on my mind all week. It’s like oh well, you’re transphobic, and you don’t believe Sandy Hook happened, and you’re really bad at wrestling, you’ve never had a good wrestling match, and here we are just (like) ‘let’s rehire her for another company.’

“WCW Jr is looking great right now. The new WCW, it’s fantastic. What a f*cking future for professional wrestling we’re creating right now.”

Effy’s remarks add an interesting perspective to the ongoing discussion surrounding Ronda Rousey’s transition into professional wrestling and her potential role within promotions like AEW and ROH. His claim that she is transphobic is also very interesting, which could hint that Effy’s disdain for Ronda Rousey goes to a much deeper level.

We will have to see if Ronda Rousey shows up on AEW or ROH television again any time soon. Right now, there are no creative plans in place for her to make any immediate return. In the meantime, she will keep living her best life, because she has plenty of money to do so.

What’s your take on Effy’s comments about Ronda Rousey? Do you think she’s a terrible person or a bad professional wrestler? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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