CM Punk is known for stirring the pot, and he’s done it again with a rather cryptic Instagram post, seemingly referencing his fellow WWE star, Kofi Kingston.

Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, and last night, he graced the WWE Raw stage for the first time in nearly decade. During his promo, he addressed the passionate fan reaction to his return, gave a heartfelt shout-out to his wife AJ Lee, and declared that he is back “home.”

However, it wasn’t all warm and fuzzy, as Seth Rollins took the opportunity to vent about Punk’s return, labeling him a “hypocrite.”

Now, the plot thickens with a mysterious Instagram post from Punk. The image he shared features the final panel from a vintage comic book titled “Strange Fantasy Issue 13,” dating back to September 1954, complete with art by the Iger Shop.


The comic tells the story of “The Murder Pool,” where a character named James Gorse plots to eliminate those he believes have wronged him. Gorse goes to great lengths, building a pool filled with acid to invite his supposed friends for a sinister swim. His ultimate target turns out to be his ex-wife, who has only months to live and plans to end him. In a gruesome twist, Gorse ends up dissolving in the acid, and his ex-wife suffers a heart attack, leading to a rather “romantic” reunion as skeletons in the blood-filled pool.

In a somewhat enigmatic fashion, CM Punk captioned the Instagram post, “Me and @truekofi (Kofi Kingston) backstage.” The implications of this reference are still unclear, but it’s bound to keep wrestling fans buzzing with speculation.

As always, in the world of WWE, drama and intrigue are never far behind, and CM Punk seems determined to keep fans guessing about his intentions and alliances. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in this ongoing saga.

What do you think CM Punk’s cryptic Instagram post referencing Kofi Kingston could mean for the WWE storyline, and how might it impact his interactions with other WWE superstars moving forward? Leave us a comment.

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