The unpredictability of professional wrestling can always lead to an injury or even a concussion at any given time. Therefore, it is crucial that a pro wrestling company always has a proper medical protocol for such situations. WWE is no slouch in this area and Triple H even touted its effectiveness recently.

During the September 20th edition of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, Jon Moxley lost the AEW International Title to Rey Fenix at Arthur Ashe Stadium during AEW Grand Slam, which came as a huge shock to fans. It turned out Moxley suffered a concussion after being nailed with a botched Black Fire Driver.

Jon Moxley even suggested that doctors stop matches at the first sign of concussion in the future. While speaking during the post-Survivor Series media scrum, Triple H was asked about Moxley’s comments about concussion protocol. The Game made it clear that he believes WWE has one of the best medical protocols among any sport and dared other sports to pit theirs against WWE.

I don’t know what [Jon Moxley] went through or his situation. I can speak about WWE. I will put our medical protocol, our medical program, our wellness program, all of it, up against any sport on this planet. I mean that sincerely. We have one of the best medical programs in the world. When it comes to concussions, our people are trained to see it. Our talent are given seminars on it regularly. Our referees, our crew, our staff are trained to see it and we don’t mess around. A few months ago, there was a match with Rey Mysterio and Rey got a concussion in that match.


I don’t remember what it was, maybe a dive on the floor. That was a big storyline we were building, PLE and the whole thing. We saw it happen, referee saw it happen, we shut it down, right there. Done. Finished. Roll with the punches, change what we need to change. This is all about longevity, health of our performers, their careers lasting, and their health first. It’s about having a long life after you’re done in that ring.

When we see that stuff, we’re very diligent about it. We’ve been working with the top experts in that field for about a decade now to have that protocol be what it is. There are multiple layers of testing to comeback to the ring, and it’s very stringent. You can go online and see all our policies there if you want. I’ll put our program, concussion protocol, our medical program, all of that up against any professional sporting organization in the world. Top shelf.”

Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion earlier this year during his match with Santos Escobar, but was able to recover in time. Regardless, WWE takes the well-being of their Superstars very seriously and it is evident by what Triple H said that WWE will never falter in that regard.

What do you think of what Triple H said? Are you glad WWE takes the health of their talent so seriously? Let us know in the comments section below!

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