Adam Copeland is known for many things, and he’s capped off a ton of amazing matches with his signature spear. That being said, he’s not the only pro wrestler who has used that move, and even the WWE Hall of Famer admits that he doesn’t have the best version of the move.

On the latest episode of Hey! (EW) with RJ City, Adam Copeland discussed the origins of his signature move. He’s taken countless opponents out with a spear, and that was the subject of conversation

During the interveiw, Adam Copeland attributed the creation of the move to his old friend Rhino, despite the move being famously named the Gore. RJ City, in a playful exchange, clarified that it was indeed a Gore and not a Spear.

Adam Copeland said to RJ City’s question, “I’m going to go with Rhino.” RJ City replied to say, “Okay, really nice.


“And it’s a Gore,” Adam Copeland stated. Then, RJ City remarked, “Okay, so then it’s not a Spear.” Copeland then responded to say, “But isn’t it?”

“No, it’s a Gore,” RJ City corrected him. Then Adam Copeland said, “But isnt’ it?” — “No, it’s not. It’s a Gore,” RJ City confirmed.

“A snapmare is a snapmare, is all I’m saying,” Adam Copeland retorted. Then RJ City fired back with, “If it was a Goremare, it would be a Goremare.

Adam Copeland then capped everything off by saying, “There’s no such thing as a Goremare.”

Adam Copeland, however, playfully suggested that it could still be considered a Spear, to which RJ City countered that if it were a Goremare, it would be called a Goremare. The discussion continued with Copeland humorously defending his perspective on the move’s name, stating that a snapmare is a snapmare, seemingly embracing the playful banter with RJ City.

It seems that Adam Copeland hasn’t lost his personality one bit, and he’s also able to make some good jokes at this stage of his pro wrestling career. You can check out the interview below, because RJ City certainly has a knack for asking the hard-hitting questions.

What’s your take on Edge’s spear? How does it stack up among others who use the move in the pro wrestling world? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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