Mustafa Ali never quite got the push in WWE that a lot of his fans believe he deserves. After a trip back to NXT, he was teased with a title run, but it never quite came to him. Now, a new cryptic post could indicate that he is no longer working with the company.

Mustafa Ali posted on X that he is “no longer working with WWE.” The also noted that he looks forward to the future.

I am longer working with WWE.

I look forward to the future.


Thank you,


Mustafa Ali then posted to correct this grammatical error as he said, “No longer*. Sorry for the confusion.” It appears that he is really gone from WWE.

At this time, we have not heard anything official about a release, but this is interesting timing. WWE is going through a lot of changes, and talent releases were a part of that rumor mill.

WWE just fired over 100 people with their last sweeping cuts internally. The WWE talent roster have not been affected. It is

We will have to see if there are any updates to this story. It’s possible that this is all a part of an angle, but we haven’t received any indication on NXT television that he was going to quit.

What’s your take on this post from Mustafa Ali? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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