The most notable moments from the previous week’s NXT main event were showcased, which included Becky Lynch securing victory over Tiffany Stratton to claim the NXT Women’s Championship.

Vic Joseph and Booker T provided commentary, and Alicia Taylor served as the ring announcer for the event.

NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her entrance in casual attire.

Becky Lynch began by emphasizing the dedication and relentless spirit of the women in NXT, mentioning several of them. She expressed her commitment to remaining in NXT for an extended period and representing the fans. Becky then turned her attention to Tiffany Stratton, acknowledging her competitive spirit and conceding that Tiffany had earned a rematch. Despite some colorful language, she acknowledged Tiffany’s determination.


However, Tiffany Stratton interrupted, expressing her dissatisfaction with Becky’s words. She asserted her own worthiness for a rematch and emphasized her role as the future of NXT, aiming for a second NXT Women’s Championship reign. Tiffany challenged Becky to a match that very night, but she also proposed having the rematch on a grander stage – at No Mercy in Bakersfield.

Becky Lynch accepted the challenge, conceding that Tiffany could have her rematch whenever she wanted. However, Becky warned Tiffany about the dangers of entitlement and asserted that success depended on hunger and determination. She insisted that the current NXT had the same gritty feel as when she started her journey, and she declared her own determination to succeed.

Tiffany Stratton then suggested that Becky should be grateful to her for bringing her back to NXT, insinuating that Tiffany had raised Becky’s profile. This led to a physical altercation as Becky and Tiffany exchanged blows. Kiana James joined the attack on Becky, but Becky managed to fend off both Tiffany and Kiana, showcasing her fighting spirit.

In the NXT Lounge, Tony and Channing acknowledged that many people were paying attention to them. They revealed their intention to determine who was worthy and then indulge in a meal. When asked about their feelings toward the Creeds, Tony mentioned that they were straightforward. They also discussed various other NXT talents, including Angel, Humberto, Hank, Tank, Bronco, and Lucien, hinting that there was only one spot left at their table. Channing playfully suggested that the remaining spot could be decided through a fight.

McKenzie interviewed Ilja, mentioning his recent match against Wes Lee and his upcoming bout against Carmelo Hayes at No Mercy. Ilja stated his determination to continue and finish what began at the Great American Bash. He also mentioned that he would closely watch Carmelo’s match against Dominik tonight.

Becky Lynch appeared and expressed her willingness to take on Tiffany and Kiana in a two-on-one match, even though it wasn’t explicitly offered to her.

In another segment, Kelly Kincaid was in the Matrix with MetaFour. Noam Dar mentioned that the chosen ones were prepared to observe their opponents for the honor or privilege of facing him at No Mercy. He humorously referenced “Group A” and “Group B” and made a reference to the red pill and blue pill from the movie “The Matrix.”

After returning from a break, Trick Williams was on the phone when Dominik Mysterio approached him. Trick jokingly remarked that Dom sucked all the positive energy out of the room. Dom responded with a smile, saying he was happy to see Trick. He empathized with Trick, understanding how it felt to be in someone’s shadow, just as he had been with his own father, Rey Mysterio. Dom mentioned that THE Judgment Day had helped him break free from his father’s shadow.

Trick, however, insisted that nothing could break the bond between him and Melo. He asked Dom why he was laughing, to which Dom replied by mentioning Trick’s comment about his own father, insinuating that Trick had referred to his father in a similar way.

Butch (4 Points) vs Tyler Bate (3 Points) in a Group A Round Robin Match

They started the match by locking up, with Butch applying a wrist lock. Bate managed to get back on his feet and countered with a side headlock. However, Butch swiftly took Bate down to the mat and applied an armbar while also pulling at Bate’s fingers and delivering punches to his hand. Bate countered with a head scissors takedown, but Butch responded with a slap.

They continued to exchange holds, with Butch regaining control with a side headlock, and Bate countering with a punch for a near fall. Bate retaliated with slaps and punches, and Butch answered back with a punch and a boot to the head. They engaged in a test of strength and even went between each other’s legs, with Butch standing on Bate’s foot and delivering a jab. Bate fought back with a knee lift and attempted a high-flying move from the turnbuckles, but Butch caught him with a forearm for a near fall.

Butch went for an aerial attack from the top turnbuckle, but Bate managed to stop him with a chop. Bate then executed a delayed superplex for a near fall. Butch countered with a front face lock into a guillotine and followed it up with a neckbreaker. Bate fought back with punches and forearms, but Butch responded with stomps and a cross arm breaker. Butch continued targeting Bate’s ankle with a stomp and knee drop. He also delivered chops during the match.

The two wrestlers exchanged punches and forearms, with Butch landing a forearm that sent Bate to the mat. Butch attempted an X Plex, but Bate managed to land on his feet and responded with a shooting star press followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Bate then set up for his signature move, the Tyler Driver 97, but Butch countered with a triangle hold. Bate showed his strength by lifting Butch onto his shoulders and executing an airplane spin.

The match between Tyler Bate and Butch continued with both competitors giving their all. Bate executed a suplex and came close to securing a pinfall. Butch responded with a slap, but Bate countered with a punch. Bate followed up with a neckbreaker, but Butch managed to counter a Tyler Driver 97 attempt and executed one of his own, getting a near fall.

Bate countered Butch’s Bitter End into a DDT, and then delivered his own Bitter End for a near fall. Butch fought back with a jab, and Bate answered with a rebound clothesline. Bate climbed the ropes, attempting a Spiral Tap, but Butch intercepted him with a knee strike. Butch then hit Bitter End once again and managed to secure the three-count for the victory.

Winner: Butch (5 Points) [Tyler Bate eliminated] (Butch advances to the finals versus Group B Winner)

In a different segment, Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne were shown shopping together. Thea expressed her anxiety about growing up and not being a child anymore. She hesitated to reveal what Jacy had given her to try on but eventually showed it to her. Both Jacy and Thea liked the final outfit, and Jacy expressed her excitement about revealing the new version of Thea Hail to everyone next week.

Duke Hudson (2 Points) (with Andre Chase) vs. Joe Coffey (4 Points) (with Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) in a Group B Round Robin Match

The match between Joe Coffey and Duke Hudson began with a lock-up, resulting in a stalemate. They locked up again, with Joe initially taking control with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Duke responded with a side headlock and his own shoulder tackle. They continued to charge at each other with shoulder tackles before exchanging simultaneous clotheslines. Duke followed up with another shoulder tackle and a head scissors takedown.

Duke unleashed a series of jabs in the corner, followed by an Irish whip and a back body drop for a near fall. Joe blocked a powerbomb attempt and backed Duke into the corner. Joe delivered kicks to the head and more strikes, followed by an Irish whip and a backbreaker, resulting in a near fall. Joe had a punch blocked, and Duke retaliated with punches of his own, setting up for his signature move, the Bionic U-Bow. However, Joe managed to escape to the floor.

Joe ran Duke into the apron and then back into the ring. Joe ascended to the top turnbuckle and connected with a missile dropkick, followed by a German suplex. Joe set up for the Glasgow Sendoff and successfully executed it. Duke narrowly avoided Joe’s finishing move, “All The Best for the Bells,” and rolled him up for the surprise three-count victory.

Winner: Duke Hudson (4 Points) [tie with Joe Coffey and Nathan Frazer]

Following the match, Kelly Kincaid interviewed Nathan Frazer, who suggested that the tie be settled with a triple-threat match next week. However, Kelly informed Nathan that a tiebreaker would occur later in the evening.

The broadcast also included a Twitter update from Robert Stone regarding Von Wagner.

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice (with Elektra Lopez)

The match between Roxanne Perez and Lola Vice kicked off with a lock-up, and Perez initiated a wrist lock. Lola countered with a uranage and quickly applied an armbar. Perez managed to roll through into a La Magistral pin attempt and bridged for a near fall. Perez followed up with another near fall.

Lola retaliated with a kick, and Perez answered with a chop. Perez continued with a wrist lock and more chops. Perez attempted to use the ropes, but Lola pushed her off to the apron. Lola then delivered a thrust kick to Perez’s arm. She focused her offense on Perez’s arm, giving her an arm wringer and delivering kicks to the arm. Lola danced briefly before hyper-extending Perez’s arm for another near fall.

Lola sent Perez shoulder-first into the turnbuckles, trying to repeat the move, but Perez reversed it, sending Lola into the turnbuckles instead. Lola then applied a LeBell Lock, but Perez fought back with forearms, and Lola responded with kicks.

Lola whipped Perez into the ropes, but Perez countered with a kick. Perez followed up with a Thesz Press from the turnbuckles and a dropkick in the corner. She continued with a running uppercut in the corner and a series of forearms. Lola dropped Perez’s arm on the turnbuckle and resumed her attack on the arm. She applied an arm wringer, but missed a round kick. Perez took advantage of the opportunity, countering with a roll-up for the three-count victory.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

The show then transitioned to Dominik Mysterio and Carmelo Hayes seen walking in the backstage area, setting the stage for their upcoming match.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Carmelo Hayes in a Champion versus Champion Non Title Match

The match between Dominik Mysterio and Carmelo Hayes got off to an intense start as Dom attacked Hayes before the match officially began. Dom seized Hayes’s title belt, but Hayes fought back with a punch. Hayes then executed a springboard clothesline while the camera briefly focused on Ilja Dragunov, who was watching the match at the announcer’s table.

Once the referee officially started the match, Dom and Hayes exchanged punches, with Hayes delivering a couple of back body drops. Dom was sent into the corner, and Hayes followed up with a snapmare. Dom rolled out to the floor to avoid a thrust kick, but Hayes pursued him and landed a punch. Dom attempted to send Hayes into the steel steps, but Hayes blocked it. Instead, Dom resorted to a hot shot before returning to the ring. Hayes retaliated with a kick to Dom while he was entangled in the ropes, followed by a fade-away for a near fall.

After a commercial break, Dom had Hayes in a reverse chin lock. Dom utilized a knee strike and scored a near fall with a snapmare. He executed a suplex and attempted a second, but Hayes countered with a TKO suplex. Hayes delivered a back elbow and several kicks to Dom. He sent Dom into the corner and followed up with a facebuster and a wrist clutch slam, earning another near fall.

Dom grabbed the ring skirt and pulled it into the ring, but Hayes pulled Dom back inside. Dom responded with a DDT for a near fall. He attempted a catapult, sending Hayes into the ropes, and followed it up with a 619. Dom then ascended the turnbuckle, but Hayes moved, causing Dom to miss. Hayes went for a Codebreaker and climbed the ropes, but he slipped as Dom tried to crotch him. Hayes sent Dom into Ilja Dragunov, who was watching at ringside.

Dom slapped Ilja, provoking Ilja to attack Dom, leading to a disqualification win for Dominik Mysterio.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio (by disqualification)

Following the match, Ilja unleashed a flurry of punches and an enzuigiri on Dom, followed by his finishing move, the H-Bomb, on Hayes. Ilja was about to hit the Torpedo Moscow on Dom, but Dom pulled Hayes in the way, sacrificing his opponent. Dragon Lee then entered the scene and delivered a superkick to Dom in the aisle, adding to the chaos that had unfolded.

In the locker room, Trick Williams found himself in the company of Ava and Joe Gacy. Joe began by discussing the concept of wanting to be one’s own person but neglecting the impact on others. Ava remarked on the visible loneliness in Trick, to which he jokingly replied that it was just “olive oil.”

Joe emphasized that they were alone in the room and that they understood what Trick was going through. Trick initially seemed reluctant to embrace their “roots or tree.”

Joe then complimented Trick’s charisma and hinted at a missed opportunity with Carmelo Hayes not taking him up on an offer.

In another locker room, Duke Hudson was conversing with Andre Chase. Andre encouraged Duke by mentioning the enthusiastic student section. He urged Duke to go out there and win, despite the challenges presented by Joe Coffey and Nathan Frazer. Andre questioned Duke about who the real MVP and spoiler were, prompting Duke to express his determination to give Joe, Frazer, and Andre Chase a beatdown.

Returning from a break, the show shifted to an alley where a game of dice involving Nima, SCRYPTS, and Price was taking place. A brawl erupted, causing everyone else to disperse. Nima asserted that they were making a statement in the division, Price emphasized that his fists did the talking, and SCRYPTS spoke about the bond that motivated him to be there.

McKenzie then interviewed Hank and Tank, asking about their thoughts on facing Bronco and Lucien. Hank conveyed their determination not to back down and their willingness to accept the challenge to earn their place at the table. Tank added that if Bronco and Lucien wanted to stand in their way, they were perfectly fine with that.

Nathan Frazer vs. Joe Coffey (with Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs. Duke Hudson (with Andre Chase) in a Group B Eliminator Match

The triple-threat match between Duke Hudson, Joe Coffey, and Nathan Frazer was in full swing. Duke began by delivering punches in the corner while pushing Frazer away. Frazer responded with a dropkick that sent Duke crashing into Joe. Duke then Irish whipped Frazer, who managed to leap over Duke. Joe landed a punch on Duke, and Frazer followed up with a dropkick. Joe proceeded to slam Frazer’s head into the mat.

Frazer regained momentum by sending Joe to the floor and then knocking him off the apron. Duke took advantage by sending Frazer into the air, causing him to land face-first on the mat for a near fall. Duke then kicked Joe to the floor, leaving him outside. Both Joe and Duke simultaneously delivered clotheslines.

Joe unleashed a headbutt to Duke’s midsection, followed by punches to both Duke and Frazer. Duke and Joe exchanged punches while Frazer ran between them and hit a double dropkick.

Frazer then executed a suicide dive onto both of his opponents and continued with punches, gaining the upper hand. Duke responded with a hesitation uranage in the corner. Joe seized the opportunity to pull Duke into the ring post in an uncomfortable area and applied pressure.

As the action continued in the triple-threat match, Joe Coffey had Nathan Frazer in a wrist lock while punching Duke Hudson, who was on the apron. Frazer retaliated with punches, and Joe responded with a slam. Joe applied a waist lock, but Frazer countered with a victory roll for a near fall. Joe then hit Frazer with the Glasgow Sendoff, and Duke took the opportunity to roll up Joe for a near fall. Duke followed up with a series of jabs and his signature move, the Bionic U-Bow. He then executed a side slam on Joe, but Joe kicked out.

Frazer managed to land a kick on Duke and executed a springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT on Joe, followed by a DDT on Duke. He attempted pinfalls on both opponents but only garnered near falls. Frazer briefly hesitated on a springboard move and returned to the apron. He then kicked Duke to stop the Glasgow Sendoff. Duke retaliated with a slingshot German suplex on Frazer and followed up with a back elbow to Joe and a running boot. Duke attempted a spinning uranage on Frazer, but Joe intervened, breaking up the pinfall attempt.

Joe unleashed punches on Duke and sent him to the floor. Duke appeared momentarily distracted, seemingly contemplating a move to the outside. However, he remembered that Frazer was still in the match and returned his attention to him. Frazer countered Duke’s offense with a kick and executed a poisonrana, followed by a Phoenix Splash on Duke. Joe sent Frazer to the apron and eventually to the floor. Joe then hit Duke with his finishing move, “All The Best for the Bells,” securing the three-count victory.

Winner: Joe Coffey (advances to face Butch)

Mustafa Ali was seen with McKenzie, expressing his frustration that he hasn’t received a North American Title opportunity despite his claims as the rightful number one contender. He criticized both Dominik Mysterio and Dragon Lee, stating that neither of them deserved to be champion. Ali vowed to address the situation on Raw.

Tiffany Stratton approached Kiana James and mentioned that Kiana had helped her prepare for her match against Becky Lynch. Despite their differences, Tiffany and Kiana shared a mutual dislike for Becky. Tiffany teased that she had a surprise in store for Becky, suggesting that they would determine the next champion.

During a backstage segment, Brooks and Josh discussed what Myles had done to them the previous week, placing blame on Fallon Henley for the situation. Baron Corbin entered the scene, expressing disinterest in their argument and advising them to get over it. Baron informed them that he was going to enjoy a massage. Josh remarked on Baron’s apparent hearing issues, which he believed were caused by Bron.

In a backstage segment, Carmelo Hayes was shown in what was referred to as the “Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment.” Hayes stated that he would deal with Ilja Dragunov at No Mercy and would clarify their standing next week.

The announcer then previewed matches and segments for the following week’s episode:

  1. A contract signing.
  2. Trick Williams vs. Joe Gacy.
  3. Gigi Dolin vs. Blair Davenport.
  4. Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak in a Strap Match.

Following this, Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James launched an attack on Becky Lynch in the aisle, sending her into the ring steps and continuing their assault. However, the situation took a turn when Lyra Valkyria rushed to Becky’s aid. Becky retaliated with a clothesline, prompting Tiffany and Kiana to retreat to the backstage area.

As they attempted to leave, Becky and Lyra prevented their escape, potentially setting the stage for further confrontations between these feuding parties.

Lyra Valkyria and Becky Lynch vs Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James

In the tag team match featuring Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria against Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James, the action unfolded as follows:

Becky displayed her power early in the match, delivering an exploder suplex to Kiana. She sent Kiana into the corner and repeated the move. Becky continued to assert her dominance, repeatedly sending Kiana into the turnbuckles. She then sent Kiana into her corner, inviting Tiffany to tag in. Becky kicked Tiffany and brought her into the ring.

Becky maintained control, sending Tiffany into the turnbuckles and then to the mat. Tiffany managed to trip Becky when she attempted to apply DisArmHer. Becky retaliated with a forearm in the corner. Lyra tagged in and tripped Tiffany, following up with a leg drop and a near fall. Kiana then tagged in.

Lyra applied a side headlock to Kiana, but Kiana managed to counter with elbows. However, Becky executed a dropkick through the ropes to Tiffany. Becky followed it up with a forearm off the apron, taking out both opponents on the floor.

Becky sent Kiana back into the ring and kicked her in the midsection. She attempted to apply DisArmHer, but Kiana sent her into the ropes. Tiffany took advantage and dropped Becky on the top rope while Kiana delivered a kick. Tiffany tagged in, kicked Becky, and choked her in the ropes, securing a near fall.

Tiffany continued her offense, including an Irish whip and kicks in the corner. Kiana tagged in and delivered shoulders in the corner. She then sent Becky to the mat and applied a reverse chinlock. Becky fought back with forearms, but Kiana sent her face-first to the mat and followed up with more shoulders in the corner.

Kiana maintained control, sending Becky to the mat again, but missed an elbow drop. Lyra tagged in, and both she and Becky missed clotheslines. Tiffany and Kiana were sent to the apron, where Becky and Lyra connected with hanging leg drops for a near fall.

Lyra attempted a suplex on Kiana, but Kiana blocked it and tried for a belly-to-back suplex. Lyra, however, landed on her feet. Tiffany interfered, pulling Lyra off the ropes. Kiana then executed a powerbomb, and Tiffany tagged in, hitting a swanton. Becky broke up the pinfall attempt.

Lyra and Kiana tagged in, and Becky hit a missile dropkick to Kiana. She followed it up with a DDT to Kiana and a reverse DDT to Tiffany. Becky then applied DisArmHer to Kiana, but Kiana countered with a roll-up. Kiana then delivered a kick, and Lyra tagged in.

Becky executed a uranage, and Lyra followed with a frog splash, securing the three-count victory.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria

After the match, Tiffany Stratton attacked Becky and Lyra with a steel chair. Tiffany then grabbed the title belt, standing tall over Becky, and dropped the belt on her before leaving.

Becky took the mic and announced that at No Mercy, their match would be an Extreme Rules match.

The show concluded with the credits rolling.

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