Jon Moxley has been part of the AEW family after leaving WWE in 2019 and he has accomplished a great deal since then. Moxley loves inflicting violence upon others but also loves it when the same is done to him. All of this has taken its toll on his body and it appears a doctor informed him that he has the arthritis of a 70-year-old.

The Purveyor of Violence simply loves professional wrestling, and his AEW contract allows him to compete in other pro wrestling promotions from time to time, which he has been doing for years.

All of this has made him suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years and it is slowly catching up to him. While speaking on the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, Jon Moxley revealed that a doctor informed him that he has the arthritis of a 70-year-old.

“Nothing to me is worse or does more damage than just the travelling. For years it was like travelling was my job, the wrestling part was kind of reward at the end of the day.


“You know, your life becomes travelling at a certain point in this game. It’s really amazing how that adds up on your body and your joints and stuff.”

The doctor last year told me that I have the Arthritis of a 70 year-old man. And that was quite humbling, that was a year or two ago. So by now, it’s like a 72 year-old man. I don’t move very well in the mornings, but thank god shows are at night because by then I’m pretty loosened up.

If the wrestling shows took place in the morning, like Saturday morning Superstars, if we started doing like those early territory style studio TV tapings on like Sunday Mornings. I would retire, I’d be done. Lot of times I can’t even move before noon.”

Jon Moxley defeated Orange Cassidy for the International Championship at AEW All Out and has already defended the title since then. He will now defend it against Rey Fenix at AEW Grand Slam next week, so we’ll have to see how the match will turn out.

What do you think of what Jon Moxley said? Do you believe Moxley will have to retire earlier than expected due to all the wear and tear on his body? Let us know in the comments!

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