AEW held quite a show at Wembley Stadium for All In London. Jim Ross was there to call the first few matches, but he left when his job was done.

We reported that Jim Ross revealed that he actually took a taxi to his hotel after he called the first four matches at All In London. That was all he was assigned for the show, so he went back to relax a bit to enjoy the rest of it in his hotel.

Jim Ross previously spoke about what he had to go through in order to make it to London for All In. His leg was giving him problems, but he was able to get it wrapped prior to leaving the United States, and it appears that did the trick.

During his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross addressed the backlash that he received after he left during AEW All In London. He made it clear that it wasn’t a big deal, because he had done his job for the day.


“We were talking on the show here a while back about when we were in London and we were at Wembley and that I left when my matches were over, but they didn’t say that. The headline says, ‘JR leaves Wembley early.’ Well, I was done. My matches that I was assigned to call were completed and instead of watching it on the monitor in our locker room, I wanted to see the show and we were staying across the street. So what the hell? It’s just an example of how people seemingly look for sh*t and try to make up things and it’s embarrassing because I’m still a wrestling fan and I get embarrassed for these guys sometimes if they are that naive or just that much of a sh*t disturber.”

Jim Ross didn’t indicate that AEW had any issues with him leaving, either. If they did have a problem with it, then Good ole JR would have probably mentioned it on his very candid podcast.

We will have to see what Jim Ross does next, because his contract may be running up with AEW. No matter what Jim Ross does next in his career, let’s hope that he is still able to stay happy and healthy along the way, even if he gets to leave early.

What’s your take on Jim Ross’ work in AEW? Do you think he adds a veteran voice to the show? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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