WWE Superstars give their bodies in the ring, and Kevin Nash knows all about what can happen when it comes to injuries. Sadly, those injuries kept him in an awful place for while, but it appears that he figured out an amazing way to get healthy after his in-ring retirement.

Kevin Nash’s shoulder needed a lot of work, and he’s been taking care of that. The WWE Hall of Famer has gone to get stem cell treatments three times, and he has nothing but a glowing review after seeing those results.

During his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash spoke about his recovery status, and it seems he is seeing some fantastic results.

“I’m doing my workout, and I do my abs, and I go to myself, ‘I’ll get through the day, but tomorrow I’m gonna wake up, and I’m gonna be paralyzed.’ Then the next morning I get up, and I take a shower, and I’m washing my hair [with both arms up] and I got both hands, and I’m scrubbing away, and I go to myself, ‘when’s the last f*cking time I was able to do that with no pain?'”


“I don’t know if it was scar tissue, or I had to have broken through. So, today was chest day, and I went to my chest machine, and the heaviest I normally go is 235 to 240, my second set was 250, and then I did 285 for ten reps.”

Kevin Nash has done stem cell treatments three times, and it seems that it works. Nash said “it has done wonders.” His shoulders are bigger, and at 64-years-old, that is quite impressive.

Kevin Nash also made it clear that he’s not upping any dosage of anything he’s been given. It just seems that he is doing that well after those treatments. Hopefully, Nash continues seeing this kind of improvement.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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