Jey Uso made his presence felt on RAW this week, and that big Payback announcement from Cody Rhodes will go on to change SmackDown as well. A RAW Superstar is going to SmackDown for some reason, even though Jey Uso was technically not an employee at the time of his red brand jump. That being said, Grayson Waller has his preference of who he doesn’t want to see on the blue brand.

Grayson Waller has made it clear that he’s not keen on the idea of Cody Rhodes joining the SmackDown roster. At the Payback premium live event, Cody Rhodes dropped a bombshell announcement by revealing that Jey Uso would be making his return to WWE, and he would be joining the Monday Night Raw roster.

The following Monday, WWE official Adam Pearce addressed the situation and declared that, in order to balance the scales after Jey Uso’s move to the red brand, a Raw star would be traded to SmackDown. The identity of this star remains a mystery at the moment, but many fans have begun to speculate. One prevailing theory is that it could very well be Cody Rhodes, potentially setting the stage for his long-awaited rematch with Roman Reigns.

Such a trade will shake things up on SmackDown and add an interesting dynamic to the blue brand’s roster. While speaking to WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Grayson Waller said he doesn’t want Cody Rhodes on SmackDown, as he will try and overshadow him.


“Yeah, it kinda worries me who they’re gonna bring over. I’m worried it’s going to be Cody. You wanna talk about someone who gonna try and overshadow me, he tried to do it on my show Saturday. I’m polite enough to let him on my show, he’s making these jokes about hip toss class and skull and yes, I enjoyed skill with Terry Taylor, okay Cody? You don’t have to mention it in front of everyone. I’m hoping it someone, for me personally, I would love it to be Indi Hartwell, bring an Australian over. Maybe Bronson Reed, make SmackDown the Australian show with all of the big name Australians. We don’t need Cody, we don’t need these guys trying to over shadow us, we need people who are going to take that torch.”

It remains to be seen how this trade will unfold and how it might impact the ongoing storylines and rivalries on SmackDown. Only time will tell if Cody Rhodes will indeed make the leap to SmackDown and whether he’ll get another shot at the Universal Championship.

Cody Rhodes is one of WWE’s top babyfaces, so it might be a big deal for the red brand to lose him as well. Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue monitoring this ongoing situation.

What’s your take on this trade? Who will move over to SmackDown from RAW? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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