Bray Wyatt’s passing was an incredible shock for pro wrestling fans, and tributes to his memory should never stop. That being said, not all occasions that his name has been brought into are necessarily positive.

Val Venis had his own incredibly controversial take on Bray Wyatt’s passing. Now, Ryback is getting into the mix with his own statement on the matter.

During recent live stream, Ryback spoke briefly on Bray Wyatt’s passing. He said that the pro wrestling life contributed to his passing, something that needs to be fixed about the business. WWE’s constant traveling and how it takes a toll on Superstars’ bodies is never easy on anyone.

“That’s why you see guys that die. Bray just died. He fell off and died. It’s what happened. It’s crazy. How much more does this have to keep happening. That’s not normal. If he wasn’t in wrestling, he wouldn’t have died at 36 years old. The wrestling life does that.”


Ryback also stated that, “Those guys are going to be dead or something else if this keeps happening.” He seemed very opinionated about the subject, as he continued on his live stream.

Bray Wyatt’s passing hit the entire pro wrestling world in a huge way. He will always be missed, as the world lost a true creative genius. Our thoughts are still with JoJo Offerman and Bray Wyatt’s children to this day as they continue on after his passing.

What’s your take on Ryback’s recent hot take? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Transcription by Ringside News

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