RVD is regarded as one of the all-time greats as far as in-ring action and death-defying stunts are concerned. RVD has competed all over the world and gained a lot of respect from fans and peers alike. He was part of many angles during his time in WWE, but it appears RVD was frustrated due to the political pressure during his feud with Steve Austin.

Back in 2001, RVD made his way to WWE and joined up with former ECW colleague Tommy Dreamer as part of the ongoing Invasion storyline. Stephanie McMahon was portraying the on-screen owner of ECW during this storyline and so, RVD and McMahon started working together.

He also worked with Steve Austin, who was the leader of The Alliance at the time. While speaking at Starrcast VI, RVD was asked to share his standout memory of working with Steve Austin. While praising the overall experience, RVD admitted he was frustrated he couldn’t enjoy the feud as much as he could have due to the political pressure.

“It was fun, it was good TV, you know but being in the center of it when I think about what it was like for me in my perspective I was dealing with a bit of political pressure, adjusting there.


So I think about during that time I feel like no matter what I was doing like they always expected something more out of me and I never really understood what it was that they were expecting ’cause I thought ‘hey you hired me ’cause of what I do, I want to do it let me do it.’ Everyone wanted to put a little change on me or have me do ‘a little more of this or get to know this guy a little bit better.’

So for me a lot of that was so frustrating that it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it might have been on the outside.”

The WWE Hall Of Famer had a solid match against Jack Perry last month on AEW Dynamite. AEW was also very happy with RVD’s performance in his match against Jack Perry. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for him.

What are your thoughts on what RVD said? Did you enjoy his program with Steve Austin? Sound off in the comments!

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