On the August 16 edition of AEW Dynamite, the company presented the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match, featuring Jeff Jarrett vs Jeff Hardy. The bout was a violent affair and it even featured an appearance from Leatherface himself. Now it appears Matt Hardy stated that Leatherface was actually Tony Khan.

The match was a tie-in for the video game of the same name. Dave Meltzer reported that AEW made over $100,000 in sponsorship with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match, which was later debunked by Jeff Jarrett.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that the man behind that Leatherface mask was Dean Alexander. He has been with AEW for a couple of years, but this might be his biggest role so far if in fact it’s true which may not be the case.

While speaking on the latest edition of his Extreme Life podcast, Matt Hardy talked about all the criticism the match received so far. Hardy then claimed that Leatherface was actually AEW President Tony Khan, essentially debunking Fightful’s report.


Tony Khan was really into the idea of doing this match. He was really excited about the sponsorship and that they were going to be donating that portion of the money to the Maui charity, which is a great cause, obviously, but Tony was so into this match, he actually dressed up as Leatherface. He had to play Leatherface and he ran out with a chainsaw. How committed to the gig, right? He gave us Leatherface guys. Sorry to spoil that but Tony Khan was Leatherface running out swinging the chainsaw.

Jeff Jarrett also believes the match was success despite all the criticism it got. AEW also has no future plans for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre belt. Regardless, we will have to wait and see when AEW will end up doing another sponsorship deal in the future.

What’s your view on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match? Do you believe Leatherface was Tony Khan? Let us know in the comments!

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