Paul Wight began his career as The Giant in WCW, but then he made a new name for himself as The Big Show in WWE. He spent two decades in WWE and took part in numerous storylines before parting ways with the company. He’s now part of the AEW family and it appears Wight claimed Tony Khan isn’t focused on what’s best for AEW.

Paul Wight eventually decided to take his skills elsewhere and made his way to AEW back in 2021. The World’s Largest Athlete had been content working as part of the commentary team on AEW Dark: Elevation and occasionally competing in the ring.

Having worked in companies such as WCW and WWE before AEW, Paul Wight is aware of how different Tony Khan is as a boss. While speaking to DAZN, Paul Wight talked about the differences between his bosses. Wight claimed that Tony Khan isn’t focused on what’s best for AEW, rather he cares more about how his talent are doing.

“Tony is no stress, for me,” Wight said. “I show up, I work hard, I give a full effort, my effort’s appreciated, and Tony’s grateful for my being a part of AEW. That’s not just me, that’s how he treats all talent. I think there’s a definite … more of a respect for personnel than you get when you work with Tony because Tony runs AEW like you would run a professional, American football team, or a soccer team. It’s top-of-the-line, player-focused, and that’s the way Tony runs AEW. He’s really focused on the talent, not so much of what’s best for AEW, what’s best for the brand, what’s best for the company.”


“A lot of his motivations are ‘Are my talent happy? Are my talent motivated? Are my talent engaged? Are they involved?’ He’s really good about that, he really is. It’s a different atmosphere. Any time a professional athlete, you’ll tend to feel like a piece of meat. You’re only as good as the last thing that you’ve done, you’re only good as far as what you can provide. I don’t get that feeling here with AEW. I feel like I’m part of something, I’m helping build something. And that’s a unique position for me to be in at this stage of my career.”

Paul Wight also made it clear that there is a high chance of his Captain Insano character returning at AEW All In on August 27th. We will have to wait and see whether that will be the case.

What’s your opinion on what Paul Wight said? Are you surprised by Tony Khan’s focus on AEW talent instead of what’s best for the company? Sound off in the comments!

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