“Macho Man” Randy Savage has ton of stories revolving around his legendary name. This is one tale that many might not have heard, and it also doesn’t really paint him in the greatest light.

The world of professional wrestling was quite chaotic in the past, and Teddy Long recently shared a story involving Randy Savage and “Dirty” Dick Slater that certainly reinforces that perception. Savage loved to party, and drugs were around a lot during those days. That set the stage for an unpredictable moment.

This incident occurred during the 1990s when Teddy Long was working for NWA and striving for a more prominent role in the industry. Long recounted an episode in which Randy Savage and the late, great Dick Slater were in search of some marijuana, and Long happened to know where they could obtain it.

Teddy Long disclosed to the Wrestling Binge that they embarked on this quest in Savage’s van and successfully located the drug dealer, who interestingly recognized Macho Man, as many people tuned in to watch wrestling on TBS television during that era.


“Randy [Savage] and Dick Slater wanted to get some weed. So, I knew this guy in the west end part of Georgia where we could get the weed, and at that time, you could go over and have guys running over to your car for a nickel bag, dime bag, whatever.”

“So we drive over to this place, to the spot where we could get some weed from. So I see the guy, the guy sees me, he recognizes Savage because everybody watched the old TBS back then.”

“Now, I didn’t know it back then, but I know it now; I’d seen Savage give Slater the “office,” okay? Well, he nodded his head. So, as soon as Slater got [to] the office, he hooked the guy right in the sleeper. Hooks him right in the car; I mean, he puts the shoot sleeper on him right there, and they put this guy out. They put him to sleep and took all of his cocaine, everything he had, and we got in the van and we left. That’s a true story.”

Randy Savage was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, but sadly, he never got to see that day happen. Years later, the world hasn’t forgotten about Randy Savage, or anything he did to influence generations of pro wrestlers with his amazing talent in the ring.

We will have to see if anyone working today is ever remembered on Randy Savage’s level. Only time will tell who steps up to take that role, but LA Knight has taken over the Macho Man’s Slim Jim campaign with his own brand of expertise. That being said, Savage’s voice is still highlighted in that very commercial.

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