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SmackDown tonight live from Toronto is set to feature Edge going one on one with Sheamus as tonight’s SmackDown has been promoted as Edge’s “25th Anniversary”.

Also set for SmackDown tonight is new United States Champion Rey Mysterio and fellow LWO member Santos Escobar appearing on The Grayson Waller Effect as well as Bianca Belair teaming up with Charlotte Flair to take on Iyo Sky and Bayley.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown kicks off with Grayson Waller in the ring for our opening segment. Waller says that Edge should come down there and thank Waller for making him relevant again. After this Waller introduces his two guests tonight: Santos Escobar and new US Champion Rey Mysterio. After a video package recapping Mysterio’s title win last week. Mysterio says all that matters is that the championship belongs to the LWO. Waller says that Mysterio stole that title opportunity from Escobar last week. Waller says Escobar was on the run of his career when Escobar’s own mentor stole the title from him. Escobar screams at Waller to shut up as says the only person he is mad at is Austin Theory, Escobar says he gave his blessing to his mentor and his friend. Escobar tells Waller he knows what he’s trying to do but it will not work, Escobar says that once he’s fully healed…

Escobar is cut off but Austin Theory’s music hitting and the former United States Champion coming down to the ring. Theory says that what happened last week is a tragedy. Theory says Escobar wasn’t strong enough to step up to the greatest US Champion and that Mysterio should’ve never been in the match. Theory demands Adam Pearce come out and award his title back to him.

Adam Pearce then comes out to the ring to berate Theory before Pearce is interrupted by LA Knight coming out, following a massive pop for LA Knight as always. LA Knight takes objection to Theory claiming himself the greatest US Champion in history. LA Knight congratulates Mysterio but says that eventually that title will belong to himself. LA Knight says he went through 24 other men at SummerSlam and it won’t be anything to go through Austin Theory. LA Knight then lays down the challenge, LA Knight vs Austin Theory for a shot at the United States Championship. Adam Pearce makes the match official coming up next.

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LA Knight vs Austin Theory

Our opening match’s opening bell is delayed by The Miz making his way out to the ring and joining the commentary desk.

The bell rings and Theory goes right after LA Knight in the corner. Theory Irish whips LA Knight into the opposite corner after which LA Knight springs out of the corner to hit a lariat. LA Knight then hits his signature elbow drop and covers for two. Theory grabs LA Knight from down on the mat and throws him out of the ring. Theory throws LA Knight to the barricade. After Theory plays to the crowd LA Knight hits a back elbow strike and bounces Theory’s head off the announce table several times as the crowd chants Yeah! after every bounce. LA Knight then throws Theory into The Miz knocking him out of his chair.

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Our opening match continues live with LA Knight powering out of a chin lock and hitting a big shoulder tackle. Theory slams LA Knight’s head into the turnbuckle and follows with a drop kick. Theory rolls through the middle rope and pops up but is caught in mid air and slammed down by LA Knight. La Knight blocks a punch and counters with an Irish whip to the corner before hitting a neck breaker. LA Knight hits a running knee in the corner and goes for a back suplex but Theory rolls through and takes LA Knight down with a chop block. Theory goes for A-Town down but La Knight breaks free and hits a power slam. LA Knight signals for his elbow drop but The Miz runs on the apron to cause a distraction. La Knight chases Miz around the ring and into the ring. LA Knight sends Miz out of the ring with a lariat. Off this distraction Theory gets a roll up for the three count.

Winner: Austin Theory

Commentary alludes to tonight being a tribute to Edge’s 25th Anniversary. We then cut to a video package of various wrestlers paying tribute to Edge including John Cena, Charlotte Flair, Sheamus and more.

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SmackDown returns live with another Edge tribute video playing, starting off with the famous video of a young Edge asking Bret Hart a question about becoming a pro wrestler. Numerous career highlights are then shown starting with moments from Edge and Christian as a team and then going on to Edge’s career as a solo star and main eventer. This video features Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Batista and Undertaker among others speaking of Edge’s historic career.

We cut to the crowd chanting “Thank you Edge” before Damage CTRL make their way out for our next match. Bayley and Dakota Kai come out first and the two introduce WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky a our women’s tag team match is up next.

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Iyo Sky & Bayley vs Bianca Belair & Charlotte Flair

The match begins with Bayley and Belair in the ring. Bayley goes for a take down but Belair counters and slams Bayley to the mat. Belair hits a corner spear and follows with a snap suplex. Belair tags in Charlotte who stomps Bayley in the corner before hitting a chop. Bayley reverses a power slam and slams Charlotte down by her hair. Bayley tags Sky in and Charlotte quickly drops Sky to the outside with a big boot. CHarlotte then dives off the apron to hit both Sky and Bayley.

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The match continues live with Bayley having Charlotte in a chin lock on the mat. Charlotte powers up and slams Bayley head-first to the turnbuckle. Charlotte climbs up top but is thrown to the mat by Bayley. Sky tags in and locks in a crossface hold. Charlotte breaks free and hits a back drop and crawls to the corner to tag Belair in but Sky knocks Belair off the apron before the tag is made. Charlotte slams SKy off the ropes and is then able to make the tag to Belair. Belair hits a corner spear to Sky and climbs up top to hit a series of strikes from above. Bayley runs in and Belair flips over Bayley and takes Bayley down with a slam. Of the Bayley distraction Sky hits a drop kick. Sky tags Bayley in and Belair hits Bayey with a neck breaker while simultaneously hitting Sky with a DDT. Charlotte tags back in and Charlotte power slams both Sky and then Bayley before hitting Bayley with a lariat. Charlotte climbs to the top rope but Bayley shoves her off causing her to crash to the barricade. Sky goes for the moonsault but Charlotte rolls free. Sky lands on her feet and goes for a corner spear but crashes into the post as Charlote dodges. Belair tags back in and Charlotte hits the big boot and Belair follows with the KOD, Belair then covers for three.

Winners: Bianca Belair & Charlotte Flair

We then get another tribute video to Edge featuring many more wrestlers including Cody Rhodes and several other current stars and the legendary Kurt Angle praising Edge.

We then get The Street Profits making their way out to the ring for an upcoming tag team match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

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SmackDown returns with Bianca Belair being interviewed backstage. Belair is attacked backstage by Damage CTRL which concludes with Iyo Sky Pillmanizing Belair’s injured leg with a steel chair.

The Street Profits vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The match begind with Gallows laying into Ford with a series of strikes in the corner. Anderson tags in and hits an enziguri in the corner. Ford hits a big lariat and tags in Dawkins who stomps Anderson down on the mat. Anderson hits a big boot and a chop. Dawkins plants Anderson with a huge power slam and Ford tags back in and hits the frog splash, Ford covers but Gallows breaks it up. Anderson hits Ford with a spine buster. Gallows and Anderson go for the magic killer but Dawkins breaks free. Ford takes Gallows out with a dive and Dawkins and Ford hits a combination pop up powerbomb and neck breaker that looks to be a great tag team finisher, Dawkins covers for the three count.

Winners: The Street Profits

After the bell Bobby Lashley once again comes out to celebrate with Ford and Dawkins at the top of the ramp.

We cut backstage to see Paul Heyman looking visibly distraught as a Bloodline segment is announced for up next.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Paul Heyman being interviewed backstage. Heyman initially declines to speak but Kayla Braxton brings up rumors she has heard with gets Heyman to bite. Heyman talks about possible rumors angrily before calming down and getting on his phone speaking with an unknown caller. Heyman says that Jimmy Uso will be live here on SmackDown…next week.

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Edge vs Sheamus

The highly-anticipated match begins with the two shaking hands before locking up. Edge hits a big shoulder tackle. Sheamus responds with a shoulder tackle of his own. Sheamus hits the Irish curse back breaker.

*commercial break*

The match continues live with Edge hitting a back elbow after springing off the bottom rope. Edge picks Sheamus from off the ring apron and power bombs him down to the floor. Edge climbs to the top rope and hits Sheamus with a flying cross body, Edge covers for a two count. Sheamus goes for 10 beats of the Bodhran but Edge counters and hits Sheamus 10 times. Edge then hits Sheamus with a running spear through the ropes sending both wrestlers crashing to the outside.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Edge breaking free from a sharpshooter and locking Sheams in a crossface on the mat. Sheamus is able to crawl to the ropes to force the break. Sheamus goes up to the top rope but is hit with a big boot by Edge. Edge climbs up and hits Sheamus with a superplex. Edge holds his grip and then hits with the Edgecution DDT and covers for two. Edge climbs back up top and Sheamus follows up top to plant Edge with an avalanche white noise. Sheamus then hits the Celtic cross and covers but Edge kicks out at two. Sheamus grabs Edge and this time hits Edge with 10 beats of the Bodhran. Edge taunts Sheamus and Sheamus grabs Edge once more and hits about 25 more times. Edge slaps Sheamus across the face and hits a lariat. Edge goes to the corner as the crowd loudly cheers and Edge goes for the spear but Sheams counters with a knee strike and then a Brogue kick. Sheamus covers for a very close two count. Edge dodges a second Brogue kick and hits the spar, Edge then covers….for two to a shocked reaction from the crowd. Edge hits a second spear out of the corner, Edge covers once again and this time for three.

Winner: Edge

Edge celebrates his victory with his hand raised high as pyro shoots off for him, while the future is unknown for Edge I would also like to pay tribute to the amazing career of one of the greatest ever. SmackDown goes off the air with Edge and Sheamus hugging in the middle of the ring.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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