Edge’s return to WWE a few years ago was something that many fans didn’t think was possible. Now, it appears he might be wrapping things up for good once again.

Sheamus and Edge are set to have a match in Toronto next week on SmackDown. The Rated R Superstar even showed up on Calgary last week on SmackDown to hype his match, and explain why it is so special for him to wrestle Sheamus.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that Edge might retire after his match in Toronto. That was the plan, and now it appears the opportunity is there for Edge to hang up his boots as he wants to.

“There’s a big thing here. A year ago, Edge had said he was gonna retire at the (2023) summer show in Toronto.


“And Ron Hutchinson, who is Edge’s trainer, and has known Edge for 30 years, he basically said that this is Edge’s last match.

“They certainly did not (build it up like that). But that was interesting where he said it’s probably – it’s most likely Edge’s last match.

“I think the idea was that Edge thought that maybe SummerSlam was gonna be in Toronto and was hoping for that, and then that would be where he would retire. Because he wants to retire in Toronto, and this is the year he was talking about retiring, for real, the second retirement.

“This is the last Toronto show for a while, I mean, there’ll be another one. So I don’t know if this is the retirement, they’re not billing it as such, but his trainer said that it’s probably his last match.”

We will have to see what Edge decides to do. Obviously, he could keep wrestling for WWE, but he also wants to end things on his terms this time around. That is something he did not get to do during his first retirement.

Now, we will have to wait and see if the 25-year celebration for Edge might be his swan song as well. If he wrestles Sheamus on the way out, it would also be appropriate, because the Celtic Warrior is the man who convinced Edge that he could have another run in WWE.

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