John Cena might not be a playable character in Overwatch, yet, but he did get in on the fun with a little watch session recently. That dose of Cena in the Overwatch world has spun that niche fan base into a frenzy, and they want more of the 16x World Champion.

Amidst the excitement of the Overwatch 2 Invasion mission, popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League professional, Seagull, was at the controller, skillfully guiding his team through the battlefield.

In the middle of Seagull commanding his team with, “Push, push him!” an unexpected turn of events went down. The gameplay was abruptly interrupted as the visage of John Cena, portraying his character Enigma, took over the screen. A message, tailored for the Overwatch community, played out next.

In an unforeseen twist, the on-screen interruption heralded, “The Invasion has commenced. Stand united against the formidable forces of Null Sector to safeguard Rio, Gothenburg, and Toronto. The world’s hope rests upon your valor, hero. Chronicle your most valiant exploits from the Invasion story missions on social media using #OverwatchInvasion, and you may find your heroic moment immortalized as a portrait crafted by an accomplished Overwatch artist.”


In light of what appeared to be a pivotal 30 seconds of Seagull’s immersive gameplay, fans of the game franchise found themselves unexpectedly thrust into the realm of an Overwatch Invasion advertisement.

Seagull’s initial reaction was an unscripted gem. “John Cena out of nowhere!” he exclaimed, his astonishment palpable. In a swift realization, his voice resounded, “John Cena, let’s take down the enemy boss!”

By the time John Cena’s message gradually faded, Seagull was overtaken by hearty laughter. “Talk about impeccable timing, that’s quite the unexpected twist,” he quipped, still reveling in the amusing turn of events.

We’ll have to see what happens next, but John Cena is certainly friendly with the Overwatch community at this point. A playable character is still a hope, but not confirmed, at least he’s probably made a few fans happy along the way.

Do you play Overwatch, and if John Cena is a playable character, should he have invisibility powers? Sound out in the comments below to let us know what you would do with invisibility powers!

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